Cars And Trucks Traveling With Pets

By on September 7, 2014
Cars And Trucks Traveling With Pets

Traveling with pets and fragile cargo can be a taxing task and is a potential travel hassle if the necessary precautions are not met. Pets can create a great mess in a car’s interiors, especially with car floor mats and seat coverings. Filling a car with heavy cargo can also pose potential damage not only to the cargo, but to the car’s accessories like tears in the seat covers or scratches in the windows.

When planning long-distance travel with your pets, make sure you have them trained in staying put in a pet carrier. Start by taking them with for short drives to the grocery stores and parks either weeks or months before the planned trip. Then gradually introduce your pets to longer car rides in hopes of acclimating them to a long journey in an enclosed vehicle. Additionally, pet carriers may aid in the transport of unruly animals. For those that behave well, it is best to have your pet’s nails trimmed a day or two before the trip to prevent from scratches or holes in your car’s interiors.

During your long journey, make sure to take frequent breaks so that your pets can get some exercise and take care of business. If you avoid this important tip, you will run the risk of having to drive with soiled seat covers or floor mats. A visit to the veterinarian prior to the trip is also a good move, as they can provide some advice and pointers to keep your pet healthy while on the road. Pet carriers are good investments as they keep your pets safely tucked away and avoid injuries to large or small pets should you have to turn suddenly or swerve to avoid any road hazards.

With regards to traveling with cargo, it’s important to load your vehicle up as your vehicle’s user manual suggests is safest. Pay special heed to the point on your vehicle that is the center of gravity. You will want to load the heaviest items in this area and then distribute the rest of the weight in other areas of your car or truck. Especially for vehicle’s whose center of gravity is higher off the ground, it is important to create a proper balance so to avoid the risk of tipping or overturning while transporting cargo. Any items that you transport should be protected from weather or other threats such as theft. It may be necessary to purchase hauling accessories in order to keep your cargo in place and your vehicle protected from damage.

Factory-made tarps made of water repellent polyester can be strapped to your vehicle’s roof rack system and can give your vehicle additional space where you can place your excess cargo. With its waterproof materials, your cargo is pretty safe from the weather and your roof protected as well. Adding a bed liner to your pickup’s cargo bay provides a non-skid surface that prevents your cargo from slipping and moving while you drive.

Another great addition to help you in keeping your cargo safe is the cargo divider. A cargo divider is designed to keep fragile shipments safe and secure in your truck bed. If you’re driving with bicycles and motorcycles for cargo, then getting some cargo cleats is a good way to keep them in place. For pets you don’t want inside your vehicle, you can have a weather tent and a pet barrier placed at the back of the truck to keep them secure and protected as well.

A little extra precaution can go a long way when transporting pet or cargo of any kind


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