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By on October 19, 2016
Casual Clothing

Casual dressing is all about getting into personal comfort and it is a reflection of self-image. Though formal attire has its class and ageless charm but, in the current corporate culture formal dressing has taken a back seat and casual dressing is taking the wheel. Since casual dressing is getting more and more popular every day, it is extremely essential to make sure that you don’t go overly casual and end up looking shabby for those surprise client meetings or for a casual dinner with friends.

The biggest mistake a man can make is to assume that everything they have in their wardrobe will pass as a casual attire. All those graphic tees that you bought just to be funny and quirky are a definite no-no if you are dressing casual for work. Those tees might have been a social magnet or a conversation starter for many years but it is time to man up and leave those graphic tees for only when you are among old friends. To be very honest, these graphic tees might offend people at work without you even knowing of it. And if you think that denim are the only go-to casual lowers you can have, you are a bigger mess than you think. So, you ask how to Casual Clothing and still look like a man?

  • Ditch those graphic Tees:

You can always replace those graphic tees with a polo neck t-shirt for that ultimate comfort and effortless charm. Polo neck t-shirts come a long way when it comes to Men Polo Clothing as there are millions of colors and patterns available to suit your personal style. A polo neck tee definitely has an air of masculine charm to it which is always a win-win with the ladies.

  • Wear your jeans right:

We often tend to invest money in a good pair of jeans and forget about it for years because honestly, a good pair of jeans lasts long, really long. But it is extremely essential to check if the fit of the jeans is good to be worn outside of the house because even if our jeans doesn’t change over the time, our size does. Baggy jeans or the ones that are too fitted should be kept only as a Halloween costume. Also, going wild on the color or pattern may not go too well.

  • Sneakers, really?:

If you feel the sneakers that you wear to the supermarket will win your brownie points at work or any casual get together, then think again! You are not a boy anymore. Be a man and invest in a good pair of loafers or grab those leather shoes that you always wanted and remember to keep them clean. Well, you know what they say, a man is judged by the shoes he wears.

  • Linen, your best friend:

If you like a button-up too much and you still want to go casual, there are a variety of casual shirts out there for you in the variety of prints. But, what really makes heads turn is a good linen shirt. Linen is royal and classy and it says a lot about a man. Apart from great looking, they are ultra-comfortable. They are breezy and they look effortless, they are a man’s best friend.

  • Not a fan of jeans?

If jeans make you feel underdressed for any occasion but you don’t want to be too formal with a trouser, pick out a pair of chinos and you will be good to go. Chinos are an amalgamation of a comfortable pair of jeans and a classy tailored trouser. They go a long way as just like your jeans, they can always be paired with tees and shirts alike.

  • Layer it up:

Do not ever be afraid to add layers. A good sweater for those chilly mornings or a nice and comfortable blazer can actually add character to your whole outfit.


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