What Causes Employee Burnout?

By on March 15, 2017
Employee Burnout

Employees are significant in the building and running of a company. Without them no work and efforts will be done for the entire enterprise to flourish. It does not matter if they offer metadata management or any other service. All of them should be valued equally.

Admittedly, there are moments when they will feel burnout and unproductive. The cause of this varies from person to person and from time to time. However, the most common ones are the following:

Work overload

The most common factor associated with employee burnout is work overload. Think about it, it is only natural for a person to feel completely exhausted after dealing with numerous responsibilities with tight deadlines.

How to deal with it: As much as possible, have an ample amount of time to recover and rest from work overload. Tight deadlines are normal but should not be chronic. Try to figure out a better schedule to do your work, and then present the idea to your boss. For sure, they will appreciate you being honest about your working conditions.

Conflicting values

Conflicting values happens when a worker’s personal goals and values do not coincide with the company or the organization he or she works for. A perfect example of this is when a person, who has a strong belief of animal rights, works at a meat processing plant.

How to deal with it: There are only two things you can do when it comes to conflicting values. The first one is to attempt to change the corporation’s stand about a certain issue, while the other one is to leave your job altogether. But don’t immediately quit your company; be sure to think about it thoroughly beforehand.

Lack of fairness

An employee, who believes he or she is working in an environment that lack in fairness, may be lead to think that he or she is being disrespected. These people may even feel powerless in situations such as:

  • Inequity in pay or workload
  • Cheating in the office
  • Improper handling of evaluations or promotions
  • Inappropriate practice of dispute resolutions

How to deal with it: If inequality is happening in your workplace, then the best thing you can do is to bring it up to your colleagues and co-workers. All of you can work together to suggest methods and procedures on how to make the playing field fair to everyone.

Absence of community

Each employee has a right to have a great sense of community in their workplace. Essentially, this will enable them to have a great work experience and be more productive, as it provides them positive social interactions, low levels of conflict, and good team work. Without this, they would be more likely to feel down and burnout in the office.

How to deal with it: Frequently working independently can make you feel isolated and lonely. The best thing you can do is to surround yourself with colleagues, who have similar interests with you and who can provide you support when you need them to.

Occasionally, feeling burnout at work is normal. But if you are experiencing it quite often, then maybe it’s time you assess your situation by checking this list above. This should enable you to face your issues head on. Good luck!


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  1. Jason Santiago

    April 4, 2017 at 9:29 am

    This is very true. It’s really hard when you experience burnout. These are true causes for it.

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