Chandigarh – The Tricity and home for new beginnings

By on March 27, 2018
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Chandigarh the most dynamic union territory of India is the capital of Punjab and Haryana. The city has the highest internet penetration growth over the last two years. It is also the cleanest and greenest city in the year 2016. The number of industries and start-ups in Chandigarh have increased by 2 fold over the past decade. Healthcare in a sector which has seen rapid growth in the past 2 years. The increasing population with a huge number of settlements happening to jobs, Chandigarh is the new home to a lot of Indians from other states. It is indeed a beautiful city to settle down owing to its planning, development, governance, and environment. There are a number of new hospitals coming up in Chandigarh, from single specialty to multi-specialty.

When one of my friends was conceived and when the announcement came, we were all overjoyed. Being new to the city, she visited a nearby maternity hospital. 7 Months flew off and suddenly the doctor said it is going to be a complicated pregnancy. This didn’t deter her. She is a confident woman and a wise decision maker.  Now, she has to decide two things, one is to choose the best maternity hospital in Chandigarh and consult a maternity expert for her delivery, secondly, she has to prepare herself to undergo this. Her mother-in-law was very supportive and immediately came to her rescue. Both of them started going through the internet reviews and social media posts for the best hospital. There were too many. Everybody claimed them to be the best. She also wanted to clearly understand the complication that is beholding her pregnancy. So instead of searching for a hospital, these people started looking for an obstetrician. They able to find one very quickly and booked an appointment at a maternity clinic in Chandigarh.

Upon visiting the clinic, she was screened for the complication and it was understood it is going to be a pre-term baby. The doctor even suggested them the hospital that which has expertise in handling pre-term deliveries. She was relieved. She felt secured. She was no longer troubled with the thoughts of healthcare facilities in Chandigarh. The most precious gift we can receive from nature is life itself. Every woman dreams of being a mother, which makes us feel complete. Prime focus on pregnancy as a service has more prominence due to growing need for quality and increasing complications. The struggle people in lower economic bracket face is the affordability to superior quality healthcare, which is also bridged by the upcoming health policies and schemes. Loans are also made available easy. The journey of pregnancy doesn’t end after delivery, it continues until the child is 5 years old. During this entire period, he/she is under great care from his/her surroundings.

This whole incident is an example how Chandigarh has equipped itself to fare well in the field of healthcare.



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