Is Changing lifestyle Causing More Harm?

By on March 26, 2018
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The current scenario of working culture is that when you do something that others don’t do you then you become cool. This has turned out to be a cultural threat to us. Right from school, young boys are seen smoking and involving in alcohol consumption. All these socially accepted ones seen very cool in the beginning until the consequences stuck us. Cinemas are great influencers of lifestyle changes. When your favorite hero is seen smoking and blowing tons of smoke in the entire film, which makes him look so cool, why don’t we try that to become cool? Not really cool. Yes, the great influence that cinemas have upon our generation is getting worse day by day. The average age of smoking was 21 a decade back and it has now slipped to 18. And cancer and other tobacco-related disease is the 50% cause of natural deaths.

Now let us see the reasons that influence a person’s lifestyle:

  • Occupational stress and influence: Stress due to work can sometimes be unbearable. We try to find a cure for this and eventually slip into a habit. The most addictive ones include smoking and drinking.
  • Friends: Having a lot of friends is always good. They help us some of the stress. But when one bad friend can introduce to bad habits which are going to spoil our live eventually, things are not going to end well.
  • Coffee: This might seem silly but too much of caffeine consumption leads to mental disorder and can increase the risk of diabetes.
  • Physical appearance and Clothing choices: These are mere social influences. Wearing a particular clothing or piercing or tattooing is the way to show one’s group behavior. This might turn to be fatal at times. Eg: Dying your hair very often for a prolonged period can cause cancer.

Now let us see how these changes are affecting our health:

  • Personal relationships: This is a very common threat to us. People when on drugs do not know how to behave. They pick up a sensitive issue and would debate on it endlessly without any limits on their words.
  • Reproductive health: Most people at their early age suffer from infertility and would be seeking an IVF treatment due to their conditions. The number of IVF birth is increasing day by day and it is the young crowd which opts for it.
  • Personal Health: Too much of drinking will cause damage to the liver and kidney and which can slowly turn into urological disorders. Some of the adverse side effects include liver failure, kidney stones, ulcer, and lungs disorders and sometimes can turn into a fatal illness.
  • Professional Life: So too much of personal issues due to this and how can someone concentrate on his professional life. This is going to get hit terribly.

Hence lifestyle changes should lead to a positive growth in life. Anything that goes out of limit is harmful to us and the society around us. There are many ways to spoil ourselves rather than being healthy, so it should be a calculated decision on how we would want to lead our lives.


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