Check out the best smart TVs in India

By on August 3, 2018
best smart TVs in India

The moment television was invented no one had imagined that this appliance would change the world of entertainment. Nowadays, with the help of a quality television and cable connection, one can enjoy almost every program sitting in their rooms only. It is not made for entertainment only as there are many other programs such as sports and general knowledge available on various channels, but for effective entertainment, one needs to have a high-quality TV set. Fortunately, the makers also have come up with the devices that have got modern features. Here are a few such televisions from various brands provided that can offer quality viewing experience. One needs to understand the configuration of a TV before just comparing the price as only price comparison may not offer an accurate view and justify the choice.

Sony Bravia KLV-32W672E

Sony has been in the electronics market for a long time now. The company has flourished by the customer’s faith. The new trend in the television market is Smart TVs, and many famous TV manufacturing companies have come up with some brilliant, smart TVs. Sony being the most loved electronic company does not lag behind in smart TVs production. One new addition to the Sony’s smart TV series is Sony Bravia KLV-32W672E. This TV has a 32-inch wide display which supports full HD (1080p) resolution, and it weighs 6.3 kilograms. Several connectivity features on this TV are Ethernet port, 2 HDMI ports, and 2 USB ports. There is no image processor on this TV, but the clarity enhancement is done by X-Reality PRO. The motion enhancer on this TV is performed by Motionflow XR 200 with a refresh rate of 50Hz. There are two speakers of 8W each which are powerful to fill a medium-sized room with perfect sound. The TV performs on Android OS by Google, and there are wireless connectivity features including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Online streaming partners including Netflix and Amazon are pre-installed so one can enjoy international TV series. With a rating of 8.5/10 by Killerfeatures, this TV is recommended for amazing picture and sound quality.

Kevin K32CV338H LED Smart TV

Kevin entered the Indian market 2 years back, and since then the company has sold a considerable number of televisions. With the evolution of television technology and the introduction of Android OS for TVs, the customers now tend to buy smart TVs only. Kevin has been one of the many television brands which started to manufacture and sell smart TVs. As compared to other competitors Kevin has registered strong sales in smart TVs due to so many features at affordable price. The newest smart TV produced by Kevin is Kevin K32CV338H which is, an HD ready smart TV priced at 13000 INR. This TV has 32-inch wide display which supports 1366 x 768 resolution. It has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for wireless connectivity and USB as well as HDMI ports for wired connectivity. As it is a smart TV, one can stream famous international TV shows online on Amazon Prime and Netflix. With a rating of 7.5/10 by Killerfeatures, this TV is recommended for brilliant user interface and affordable pricing.

LG 32LH576D HD ready smart LED TV

LG has been manufacturing some of the best smart TVs since the Android-based TVs have arrived in the market. One of the most loved features on LG smart TVs is the WebOS 3 which is tailor-made for TVs by LG. The new addition to LG’s TV smart TV family is LG 32LH576D HD ready smart LED TV. It is 32 inch smart TV which can provide you with a truly cinematic experience and it can be connected to multiple wireless devices as well. Screen sharing is one of the many pictures which users find intriguing about smart TVs, on LG 32LH576D one can share a smart phone’s on the TV using Wi-Fi. Netflix is also one of the most popular streaming companies among TV enthusiasts across the globe. Now one can get Netflix pre-installed on LG smart TV. People surf YouTube immediately when they want particular answers and isn’t it better to watch YouTube on a 32-inch widescreen. Wi-Fi cannot just be used for screen sharing, but one can access internet on the LG 32LH576D TV. A lot of people regularly complain that their TV set does not have speakers that are loud enough, but that does not happen on LG 32LH576D TV. Energy saving is a big deal in modern times, and everyone wants to play their part, the LG 32LH576D is certified by international standards for energy saving. With a rating of 8.5/10 by Killerfeatures, this TV is recommended for intuitive user interface and the competitive pricing.

Vu 32D6475 HD Ready Smart LED TV

Vu is one of the leading television brands in the Indian market, and it has achieved this feat in a very short time. The company has been delivering amazing TV sets with great features back to back. Smart televisions get an upside only if the user interface is smooth and on Vu 32D6475 smooth UI is what you definitely get. There are many other brands in the market which manufacture and sell smart TVs, but Vu is among the most preferred ones by the customer. This is because of the pricing and performance by Vu TV sets. The new addition to Vu smart TV family is Vu 32D6475 which has got power packed features. This TV has a 32-inch widescreen with HD ready resolution and crisp picture quality. The TV weighs 6 kilograms, and it can be easily lifted by a person. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are provided for connectivity and live streaming of TV shows on Netflix. With a rating of 7/10 by Killerfeatures, this TV is recommended for amazing sound quality and easy to use user interface.

These are some noteworthy models from various brands that can help one get a quality TV in a limited budget also. There are many more models also available in the market that one needs to check before taking the final call.


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