Choose the right AC to keep your immune system in check

By on December 28, 2017
Choose the right AC to keep your immune system

We have seen a massive drop in the temperatures the last couple of weeks. It has not only been one of the coldest months but also making it to the coldest year ever experienced in the Indian Subcontinent. Nonetheless, our country is quite warm and people still rely on air conditioners even in the peak of summer. But what we fail to see is that air conditioners not only put a heavy load on our electricity bills but also on our nose, throat and our body in general. A muggy air-conditioned room is a typical example of the same.

Unknowingly, we compromise on our health and immunity system when we use the air conditioner.

Dust particles, pollen in the room, general humidity all cause our bodies to go through headaches and stuffy noses and a dry throat. But we must understand that not everyone goes through the same. The reason behind this is a question of susceptibility. As said by Dr H. Ganapathy, a consultant ENT surgeon at the Apollo Hospitals, Chennai, he says that people who have a sensitive nose are more predisposed to allergies that may cause irksome symptoms such as a blocked nose, a dry throat as well as chapped lips.    And the biggest culprit to blame is a susceptible immune system. A person who has a very susceptible immune system suffers more frequently due to air conditioners in a stuffy room than a person who has a better immune system. They even catch common colds and cough and have to go through treatments to develop a better immune system.

Nowadays, we have many air conditioner companies that come with various features as well as options for a person to adjust the air conditioning settings to suit his or her personal needs. A person can adjust the humidity factor, fan speed, rotation of the air vents and other related components so as to ensure the temperature of the room remains in a more stable condition.

There are many companies that have come forward to provide their customers with various services and options so as to have a better air conditioning experience. We not only see a boost in the sales of these companies but also each new model that is released by these companies come with multiple features to ensure maximum comfort during the cooling of a room or an office space.

This not only affects the immunity system of a person in a better way but also ensures that the person is very comfortable in his or her environment.

Companies such as Lloyd Air conditioners provide excellent ACs with multiple features to ensure maximum comfort for their users. Most of their models are available on Online Shopping Platforms, especially Amazon.

So if you need to think before you purchase an AC, do not hesitate to check out the great options available on Amazon and other platforms.

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