How to Clean Your House in a Hurry

By on December 19, 2017
Clean Your House in a Hurry

The Internet is filled with a ton of tips and instructional videos for getting a disorganized house cleaned. Some people will tell you that you should put on some of your favorite songs to help motivate you. Others will tell you to use the “just do it” method…

While this is still sound advice, these tips are pretty broad and you still need something more distinct. Luckily, we have a short list of things what will help you get your energy levels up and help you clean your home efficiently, no matter how little time you have…

Get a Comfortable Pair of Shoes

If you want to motivate yourself to tackle a big task, you definitely need a comfortable pair of shoes. This tip will help you on a psychological level. When you put on a pair of shoes, your brain instantly knows that you mean business. Of course, you should get something comfortable…

Tackle the Hardest Rooms First    

If you start bouncing from to room, doing a little bit of clean here and there, you’ll never get things done. Instead, look at the rooms in your home, decide which one of them is the messiest and start there. If you tackle the hardest room first, it will give your brain a huge accomplishment, which will motivate you to continue cleaning.

Clean Your House in a Hurry

Pick Things Up On the Go

You should get everything – and we mean everything – from the floors as quickly as possible. This is actually how the professionals do it; people from cleaning companies like Helpling SG always pick things up on the go, instead of pausing to clear the floor and breaking their focus. If you want to organize the room, you should group all the items on the bed and put them in their place later.

Sweep the Floors with a Broom

Vacuuming every single corner of your home is quite tiresome. If you want to hurry up, you should take a broom instead and clean things up manually. While this may seem counterintuitive, a broom will give you an additional set of hands and more importantly, a boost of adrenaline you need to continue.

Get the Kids Involved

If you have children, you should ask them to help you with the whole ordeal. Plus, kids usually like to ask questions when you’re busy with something and not paying attention to them. This gives you a great opportunity to “get them out of your hair” and even teach them some valuable lessons.

Last but not Least: Clean before Bed

Lastly, the best advice we can give you is to try cleaning a little every night before bed. Trust us – you’ll be thankful when you wake up in a clean house. and pay special attention to the kitchen – if there are any dishes in the sink, take a few minutes and clean them quickly. And when you’re finished with these small chores, you’ll be able to enjoy a good night’s sleep.


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