Clean shower: healthy ways to keep it clean

By on November 30, 2016
Clean shower

Keeping a shower space tidy and pristine requires daily wiping and washing the surfaces. In fact, it is more than only mopping, sponging, misting and spraying harsh cleaners. Cleaning shower is a time consuming and tedious practice. And, it becomes even more tedious if several family members are using the same bathroom. Instead of daily wiping, it also requires regular maintenance. You never guess when faucets and pipelines start dripping or the drain gets clogged due to soap scums. As soon as they happen, you have no other choice instead of getting them repaired as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will become smelly with mold and fungus. A bathroom with out of order faucets can never remain tidy and healthy. If you are facing the same situation frequently due to old-fashioned valves, taps, shower heads and extension, then remodeling the bathroom is the healthiest way to keep it dirt-free. I order to maximise the benefits of rehabbing this functional area is to pick up the modern hardware fixtures with minimum maintenance.

Here I am sharing few simple ways to maintain a clean shower without using harsh chemicals and tiring efforts on daily basis.

Replace existing faucets with easy-care finish

No doubt matte and oil rubbed fixtures look extremely sophisticated in any bathroom, but their textured surfaces have a great tendency to hold stains, scums and mineral buildups. As you have decided to replace them finally, consider picking an easy to clean material like chrome or satin nickel.

Reduce the Grout use solid surfaces with minimum seams

Clearing out the grout between the tiles is one of the toughest jobs. I understand the stress of scouring and scrubbing like a mad, which becomes even worse in the presence of harsh fumes of commercial products. Instead of using commercial bleach, you can mix up baby shampoo with water and apply with a soft nylon brush. Leave it for 15-20 minutes then scrub and wash off. Perhaps the tiles are chipped and leaving their space and you have decided to replace the flooring; then go for large porcelain tiles and solid surfaces like a stone to reduce seams and grouts.

Get rid of using toxic drain cleaner

Although commercial drain openers are strong enough to clear the plugs, repeated use can damage the pipes. You can easily replace it with a homemade drain opener made up of baking soda and vinegar. These organic cleaning mixtures are not only inexpensive and effective but also a healthy and eco-friendly choice. If you have decided to install a new shower, consider adding linear drains, as they are totally compatible with large tiles but also leaves lesser grout to scrub.

Check the water flow in spray jet

If the shower head in your bathroom is frequently get blocked, before you complain your plumber, take a close look at spray jet. Usually high concentration of minerals like calcium, magnesium, lime and silica deposits gunk in the spray jet, which eventually reduce the flow of water. These deposits can be removed with commercial cleaners, however, you can always use simple white vinegar to remove them. The process is simple. All you need is just fill up a plastic bag with pure white vinegar and tie it over the spray jet with the help of a rubber band, leave it for overnight and scrub it will with an old toothbrush. Wow, the spray jet will be working like a new.

Summary: Clean showers are extremely important for the health of the whole family. However, maintenance becomes easier with smart choice of fixtures.


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