Cold Pressed Juicer-Healthy Juices with Ease of Cleaning

By on January 28, 2016

Nothing beats fresh juices in comparison to artificial juices high on sugar, preservatives, coloring agents and many other unwanted components. The innumerable benefits associated with fresh juices are known by all of us. In fact, many of us prefer to ensure in taking juices in our day to day life. Quick and easy nutrients for boosting vitality of our health are preferred among all. However, just being aware of its advantages is not going to help. Well, an effective solution towards it would be getting a juicer at home. Not only is it an addition to your kitchen but it is also worth the investment for your home. So it is equally important for you to make an informed decision. Considering the health benefits we discussed about, a cold pressed juicer is an apt choice. It is durable and it is an easy fit in anyone’s budget.

Why Choose a Cold Pressed Juicer?

The answer is just one liner. Cold Pressed Juicer is simply of high quality which is well evident through the color and taste of juice extracted through fruits and vegetables. Far more vibrant in color with an unavoidable taste, the Cold Pressed Juicer cannot be compared to the centrifugal juicer. The Cold Pressed Juicer as evident from the name involves cold techniques to extract the juice. All that it requires is gentle squeezing action resulting in extracting the juice from the pulp. Leaving it in its driest state is what adds to the vibrancy of your highly nutritious juice.


Another advantage up its sleeve is that the cold juicer can extract up to 60% more nutrients in comparison to the centrifugal style juicers. Not only this, the longevity of the power packed burst of enzymes, minerals and vitamins is highly dependent on the cold technique adopted by juicer instead the conventional heat mechanism that doesn’t preserve much of the nutrients. The next thing we will discuss is about the maximum benefits it delivers via its pressing techniques of extracting the juice. There is no doubt that the maximum yield is delivered only via this mixer juicer. Extracting fresh juice from vegetables and fruits and even from their seeds is one task that is only possible through Cold Pressed Juice. Owing to the fact that it is able to extract juice from the seeds and make it dry, adds more to the color and vitality of the juice. This is one reason why the juice has much more burst of vitamins and minerals.

Besides the above advantages, the cleaning is also not a big task in case of this juicer. Juicing is a practice that one adopts daily and if cleaning becomes a task you might look for other alternatives that make your life easy. Well, even this minutest thing is catered. All that you need to do is unravel the rubber blades and soak them in a mixture of bicarbonate and soap solution. Leave them immersed overnight and use a brush with bristles to easily go through its perforations for better cleaning. Its large blades are also one of the major factors making cleaning easy.

Its processing function quality like making nut milk, sorbets and pesto is one of the unique selling properties of the Cold Pressed Juicer. Thus, if you are looking for this juicer, it is easy to avail. There could be two options, either buying from a nearby store or even availing it online. Easily available on various sites, once can choose from its multiple versions as per their likability. Thus, is looking for quality with ease of cleaning, Cold Pressed Juicer may be a difficult for you to avoid.


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