Why Companies should use Sorry Gifts to Delight Corporate Clients

By on July 22, 2016
Sorry Gifts

We often see corporations investing in their marketing strategies to exceed customer expectations. They spend billions on customer delight to make sure their customers retain loyalty and also to increase their customer base. However, seldom we have seen companies spending time and efforts to retain the angry customers or bring back lost customers. What companies must do is amend their broken relationships with forgotten clients by sending them sorry gifts. It has been observed that customers do feel impressed when a company tries to apologize for doing badly on their part. A small example is of TransferWise who saw immaculate return of value from customers when they adopted the “Sorry service” strategy to apologize from their customer.

Customers are like family to a business and if you treat them as your own, they will always return back to you. You just have to implement the same family strategy in your business as well. Being apologetic does not devalue your brand but in fact it showcases your integrity towards serving your target customers. It shows your compassion to build a strong relation with your potential clients and how enthusiastic you are to keep that relationship fruitful.

For that matter, there are a few online stores that now offer you Sorry gifts to be customized for your customers. They help you revive your broken ties with customers by sending apologies in a creative way. There are plenty of amazing ideas companies can use to apologize to their clients. You can customize a cake with a convincing message and get sorry cake delivered to your client. This simple gesture would earn you great respect and bring back your old client. Similarly, various other methods can be incorporated in your strategies to enhance your customer service.

What would you get in the long run?

You might be thinking what would I gain in the long run from such small action and would it really impact my business? Well, it is important that you value every customer that comes your way because once the customer is dissatisfied; they might turn into bad advocates who would ruin your reputation in the market. Hence, you should think in a positive manner that if I win this customer, it might turn out to be my advocate who would promote my brand image.

A study by Nottingham School of Economics showed that customers who were unhappy with a company were twice willing to forgive the company if they receive an apology instead of getting monetary compensation. We can deduce from this study that sometimes monetary value is not great enough than emotional value.

Hence companies should realize their mistake as soon as possible and try to mend it by utilizing various options such as order sorry cakes online to please a customer. It is the easiest and shortest way to apologize without being skeptical about the results it might show. Even if it would not bring your customer back, at least it won’t let him bad mouth you in the market because you tried in the most appropriate way to be gracious.


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