What to consider when considering a Racehorse Syndication


Participation in horse racing events can be quite a marvellous affair. There is plenty of fanfare to go with the happenings on and off the track, making it one of the most loved spectator sports in the world today. From Kenilworth and Durbanville to Melbourne and London, the sport is ever popular with jockeys, owners, breeders, spectators and punters alike. Battling for popularity real estate with the many other ball sports in stadiums and parks around the southern and northern hemisphere, it almost never falls short of leading the list of most watched and most attractive events to attend or watch on television.

Where to from here?

Getting involved in all racing has to offer has all sorts of avenues, Horse training, for instance, is not something that should be trivialised and needs to be taken really seriously, particularly if you are going to activate this passion of yours beyond a hobby and into a sport. You won’t be able to do this alone, no matter what role you are taking on. You will need a support team to help you with the joys and difficulties of the ins and outs of owning, managing, breeding or riding a horse.

And then there are other channels.

Quite a buzz term in the sport these days is horse syndication, which is quite a difficult thing to wrap one’s mind around if you haven’t really relished much of a background in it. This, too, will need someone or some professional service to help you understand the ups and downs of it. It is, by no means, something small and trivial that you can undertake alone. If you want to get it right the first time, or learn through success and mistakes, you need a reputable team like Triple Crown who know what they are doing involved.

The key to victory

Finding a good bloodstock agent can be a trying journey, riddled with expense and sometimes even greater disappointment. It’s important to remember throughout, this is not going to be an ad-hoc or once-off exchange. No, it instead will be a relationship that needs to be formed over time, involving the horses, the agents and you and your team. There will be tough questions asked, but the answers – formed and fashioned over time – will put you in good standing within the bigger picture. Remember, your horse has a heart, has warm blood pumping through its body – and must be treated as well you can afford to treat it.

Who have they worked with?

When looking for an agent, you’d do well to look into their history and ascertain who they have done business and formed relationships with in the past. Hopefully, they are not some fly by night company looking to make a quick buck. Instead, if they are getting it right, they will have investment and substance in the field, which can benefit you in the short term and eventually the long run. So, yes, do your homework and find out their credentials.

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