What to Consider When Looking to Add More Storage Space to Your Garage

By on November 6, 2017
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When we think of adding more storage space in our garage, let’s first consider the things that we most commonly need access to. Simply grouping them together will help in adding more storage spaces in your garage. To help you out, here are some ideas on how to improve storage space and what things should be considered. Read on.


We need to group the things according to their size, design, form, and functionality. For us to achieve the goal of adding storage space, simple ideas like hanging items and storing them in containers could help.

Let us start with functionality

  • Think of all the things that could be grouped based on their purpose, like gardening equipment, car accessories, children’s toys, and home supplies.
  • Divide the room into parts equivalent to the number of groups you have. Let us say the left wall would be for the gardening stuff while the other side would be for the home supplies.
  • Now, decide which of these items are appropriate for hanging. Make sure that sharp objects are not hung if it is not safe to do so. You can also make use of baskets or bins to be attached to the walls to hold tools. You can group small items with similar functions in a standard bucket. Labelling it correctly is also an excellent idea to locate the items easily once needed.
  • For toys like bikes, they can easily be hung on the wall or ceiling.

For small items or accessories

  • Make sure to place these tiny pieces in a jar with a cover. This will ensure that these things are intact once needed, and won’t get lost. Don’t forget to label the jar.
  • There are also items that are considered small but cannot be placed in a jar. Consider hanging them on the wall panel or pegboard. We suggest that sharp or heavy objects that hang should be in lower parts of the wall. Use sturdy hooks to prevent them from falling.
  • So that they don’t get lost, small items can also be placed in a basket to hang on the wall.

For big items or accessories

  • Big things like bikes or sports equipment can be hung on the walls and ceilings. Another idea for sports equipment storage to make use of a pallet¾which can be hung like a shelf or a rack.
  • A rolling storage cart is also an excellent way to store your sports equipment¾you only have to drag it out when you or your kids are planning to play.
  • For things like fishing rods, they may be hung on the ceiling using a secured hook.

For liquid items

  • Paints are the most popular liquid item that we find in a garage. Keep these paint cans in a jar or container that can be sealed to avoid them from spilling.
  • For spray paints, you can make use of your old shoe organizer and hang them on the wall.


  • Another way to do to add space to your storage room is to practice recycling. Aside from adding space, you are helping Mother Earth! Isn’t it truly amazing?
    • You can make use of your old PVC pipes as the holder of the tools used in the garden.
    • Instead of throwing away empty water bottles or gum or soup containers, you can make use of these to hold your small items or tools like screws, pins or leftover
    • Reuse empty milk or coffee cans as little recycling bins or trash cans.
    • To be more organized, you can make use of old lockers or cupboards assigned for each family member.

Before parking this topic, let me share with you my thoughts to boost your trust that adding space to your garage for storage is possible without spending much. I think that being organized is key to resolve space issues. The appropriate placing of items will definitely save us not only space, but also time. We don’t have to be expert craftsmen to be able to change the looks and improve the area behind our Concord Garage Door. It just takes some creativity, resourcefulness, and confidence that it will work.

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