Contraction during Pregnancy- More Things You Need to Know

By on December 1, 2017
Contraction during Pregnancy

Once you can calculate the time of your contraction, you will know how much closer you are to your delivery date. You can download an app and keep on counting. But, there are false alarms too. You should recognise those and keep looking for the real one. Real contractions are immensely painful and it goes unbearably. But, this tells you that the time to meet your baby is closer.

Through baby contraction timer, you can measure the regularity of contraction and also get an idea of your expected delivery date and time. If you are going to be a new mom and just have begun your journey to enjoy your new motherhood, there are certain details that will help you to get prepared to welcome a new guest in your family.

When Should You Start Timing Contractions?

If you are having two-three contractions on regular basis, you should start timing. Once you get the third one, you will know that this is real. How does contraction feel? Now, that is very difficult to understand if you have never felt it before. It is quite a combination of bad period day and constipation. The pain often starts with your lower back and move towards your stomach. In case of many women, it may stay at back.

The pain may last for a minute or so but it will return within 15 minutes. If the pain doesn’t follow this pattern, then you can be sure of false alarm.

The Best ways to Measure Contractions

Earlier, people used astopwatch to time contractions. The partner used to get ready with a stopwatch and a paper and pen. But, thetime has changed. Technology can do almost everything! You can find several apps that can help you to time your contractions. When you get contractions at every 15-20 minutes, there is still time to go into labour. But, if you start having contractions at every 5-6 minutes, it is time to go to the hospital.

Other Signs of Labour

Yes, contraction is the most vivid signal of labour. But, often women face distinct signs of labour and some don’t. It is very difficult to know when your labour will start and how it will start. Still, there are certain signs which can keep you alert and you can call your doctor when you are having such things-

  • Contractions– At this moment, your abdomen starts tightening. In case of different women, the contraction can vary.
  • Water breaking– Your baby dwells within an amniotic sac while it is inside your womb. When the sac breaks and the fluid come out, it is known as water breaking.
  • Lightening- Just before your labour, the position of your baby changes it starts lowering towards your pelvis.
  • Passing of the mucus plug– During labour, the cervix opens wider and the mucus discharge and enters into the vagina. Often labour can start immediately or two weeks later.
  • Effacement and dilation of cervix

Now, you know something more about labour and contraction timer online. Be patient and have a safe delivery!

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