What Should You Do to Correct Your Golf Slice?

By on October 14, 2016
Golf Slice

Golfers are out to showcase their talents on the links, and so the margin of error is usually very little for them. They do not want to embarrass themselves in front of their fellow golfers, and so they practice and train hard at golf courses in Tampa or other places to excel at the game. However, it often happens that despite working hard for several weeks, they make mistakes. Sounds familiar?  You might think you’ve made the right swing but then notice that your ball cuts cleanly across the fairway and is soon invisible in the woods. Not only rookies, even veteran golfers often take such faulty shots and few things can match up to the frustration they feel at the time. In golf, a slice may appear randomly and mess up the game, and it can happen to everybody. However, instead of moping about the fact, it’s important you realize that you’re able to cure a slice with the help of some sound advice and by spending more time on the golfing range.

Why Does Your Posture Matter?

One of the most important reasons behind slice is incorrect posture. When your shoulders and feet are not in line and are not square to the target, a slice occurs. In order to prevent this, you must place your golf club right on the ground and point it at the target when you assume your stance. Your feet need to be properly in line with your golf club, and your shoulders must also point directly at the target. In case your feet are in a backwards position from the golf club, then it is possible that you might be in danger of causing a slice at the time of your shot. Make sure that your shoulders as well as your feet are always properly aligned. That’s the starting point for curing your slice.

Make Sure You Maintain Your Distance

Every swing you take during the game needs to be in a straight line with the target. If you get too close to ball during the swing, it might lead to an outside-in result. This is a common occurrence when the golfer moves the golf club head outside of the swing plane during the backswing, and brings it within the swing plane right before the moment of contact. To ensure that you are at the right distance from the golf ball, be sure to completely extend your arms when you come in contact with the balls. It is important to flex your knees while maintaining a straight back when bringing the club down on the golf ball. The moment you see that both your hands are stretched while your back remains straight when your golf club is at the back of the ball, then you’ll be sure that you are at the right length from the golf ball. If you wish to shift your stance, just flex your knees to do so.

Keep a Lookout for Contact

A slice may occur when the club face does not hit the ball inside the sweet spot. If the club face remains closed for a good part and makes bad contact, there is a possibility of slice. One ideal method to resolve this issue is to ensure that you keep your head down and check when the clubface strikes the ball. If you have a great coordination between your eyes and hands, you can avoid a slice.

Golf slice is very common among golfers, even the most experienced ones. However, you cannot afford to lose a game to slice especially when you are out enjoying golf on one of the fabulous courses in Tampa or other popular destinations. There is no reason to despair, however, as you can easily correct a slice with practice and perseverance. All you need to do is understand what you’re doing wrong and then rectify those mistakes to become a great golf player.



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