Create a Soothing Nursery for Your Baby with Colourful Ideas

The moment you get to know that you and your partner are going to be parents soon, it’s everything about the baby. Your life changes upside down with baby taking the top priority spot. You start planning from nurturing the baby in the womb to deciding which school he or she is going to go to and everything in between.

Among the many decisions of whether to nurse or bottle-feed the baby or which diapers to use, decorating the nursery is the most challenging task future parents would face. It is just a pregame of before a lifetime of great choices, an expectant parent going to make.

Expectant moms and dads want everything best and perfect for their child, even before its birth. You want the best relaxing and soothing sleeping space for your baby. Choosing the right colour for your baby’s nursery can be quite overwhelming.

Colours have an important effect on the psyche and influence everything from mental health to physical well-being. With the right colour and right combination, you can transform a normal room into a soothing sleeping place for your baby.

Babies’ brains are blank canvases, so colour can be powerful to them. Babies have a lot going on with them as they are growing and developing constantly. So you want a soothing and stimulating colour around them.

Let’s have a look at calming nursery colours for your baby.

Subtle Pinks

Pink expresses compassion and unconditional love, perfect for a baby’s room. It invokes a feeling of warmth and comfort, which may help your little one to sleep peacefully. Pink is the most preferred colour of the nursery for baby girls. However, when combined with a combination of other neutral colours such as greys it becomes a fine fit for both the genders.

Sombre Blues 

Soft hues of blue relax both mind and body like a calm ocean or cloudless clear sky. Blue is known to decrease crankiness in nervous newborns and grumpy toddlers. Light shades of blue promote sleep while dramatic loud blues have an energising effect of babies keeping their sleep at bay. Calming muted colours like aqua, powder blue are much safer than the dark ones.

Pastel Purples 

Purple has the soothing properties of blue and the nourishing femininity of pink. It is the colour of royalty and wisdom. Pale shades of lavender and lilac create a serene atmosphere in the room. Avoid dark hues completely as it makes the nursery gloomy or insensitive. Purple always appears darker than expected on the wall. When you think you found the perfect purple pick, opt for a shade lighter than your original and you will happily satisfied with the results.

Earthy Neutrals 

Associated with warm grounding effects, neutral shades create a cosy atmosphere as it is easy on the eyes. Ensure you keep things and décor natural and not too perfect. Earthy shades such as brown and beige give rest to the baby’s development from stimulating colour and contrast allowing your little angle to wind and sleep.

Subdued Greens 

The colour of Mother Nature, green is associated with health, healing power, security and well being. Go for a light to a medium shade of greens in earthy hues such as sage and moss. Sea greens, blue-greens such as mint are also a good choice for your baby’s nursery, having the calming powers of both the colours.


Nurseries are safe and secure sanctuaries for your little dreamers. If you are still confused with which colour to go, contact the painting professionals from the online platforms and let them help you with making a nursery special for your baby.


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ureadthis- is a unique platform, where you can share your latest News, Business News, Travel News, Sports News, Education News, Food making recipes and many more.

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