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Strengthen your relationship with someone by sending them a digital card with emotional thoughts. This 14th February, Valentine’s Day impress your loved ones with something special and creative, which will remain in her/his heart for a long time. We are providing you the best ideas, images, and designs to create online happy valentine’s day cards. To get the best quotes, msg, and Shayari in Hindi with images you can go to the website. To bring a beautiful and sweet smile on his / her face you can also add some funny jokes from Valentines Day Jokes.

Create your own greeting cards for your valentine 

With Fotor card maker you can personalize your own handmade card that shows your love for your partner. To appreciate and to praise your partner  Valentine’s greeting cards are the perfect way to convey your messages. The cards which are created by this site are fully customizable. These can be printed in any size, shape, designs which you want. Make your own card today with Fotor. Whichever design you u chose it will be full of personal touch. 

Top 5 websites for creating greeting cards

Generate fully customized greeting cards with wishes to share on Facebook and WhatsApp with the 5 websites of card generator. You have already got a beautiful gift for your Valentine. But make it perfect by adding a modified valentine’s day card, in which you can express your true feelings, even you can add some pictures of your memorable time which you spent together. Our card maker platform is extremely easy to use. 

Top 5 website which is used widely

  1. Fotor’s Valentine’s Day card: This card maker provides a special medium to Canvey your personalized messages for any occasion. It also provides you the card design experience. 
  2. This card generator makes your design from simple to spectacular. This app has precisely unique with which you love to customize your greetings.
  3. Give Your Loved ones a heartfelt message with your own images by a simple method. Just hit the magic resize button and customize your card. 
  4. If you want your valentine Sweet, sexy, and Sweet u should use this card maker app to modify your cards with images, text messages and even with your own Signature. 
  5. This platform helps you to convey your feelings full of love which makes your partner emotional for you. It contains a massive range of a templates and sources.

How to make your valentines card 

  1. To create your card you have to follow the given steps: 
  2. Firstly, you have to Go to the website directly by clicking on Fotor.
  3. A new page will be shown, where you have to press the button Get Started.
  4. On the left-hand side. there will be a search box by which you can search which type of card you want to create. 
  5. After that, you can choose the design and pattern of your choice.
  6. On the Right-Hand side, u can see the option ” Import”.
  7. By clicking on this option you can choose a picture of your partner which you want to add in your card. 
  8. You can also customize the picture with the help of a given option like effect, flip, crop, set as background, etc.
  9. There is also some other option clone, rotate, shadow, transparency, to modify the image.
  10. After creating a card with all the setting you can save your card by clicking on the save option. 

This valentine card generator can generate no watermark.

Fast and Easy to Use

This tool is very easy and simple to use. In starting, select an already designed template that already exists in this online tool. You can add more graphics and text in your picture with the help of a free design tool. After making your card you can save this on Mobile and Computer.

Free of Cost and Affordable

This tool is available free of cost. It also provides more than 1000 templates absolutely free. This is also operated anywhere where u have the access to the internet by your Mobiles Phones and Computer System.

Save, Share and Print When your Card is complete, you should save your card. Hit the Save button to download your card in Photo Gallery. It is easily sharable and printable with good quality graphics. You can share it by any Social Media Medium and spread love and happiness.

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