Criminal laws in the UK about usage of Clenbuterol

By on August 21, 2017
Criminal laws

Clenbuterol is a drug to treat patients who are suffering from nasal congestion of the upper respiratory tract and asthma. This drug is of the class sympathomimetic amine which clears the airways of the respiratory system. This drug also has some of the pharmacological activity shown by salbutamol and epinephrine but the potency is much higher compared to these drugs. Apart from easing the airways, they do have another effect called Thermogenic. As the word implies, it increases the heat by revving the metabolism of the body. Specifically, they target the body fat and converts them energy leaving the normal muscle mass. It is this phenomenon that is used by body builders to reduce weight or burn the body fat.

Legal Status in the UK

Since this is a medicinal drug and not a steroid, it doesn’t come under the banned medicines in sports. For personal use, it is still approved to be used in any way a person sees fit to use it. This can be decongesting the nose or to burn fat and lose weight. This drug is not a banned one in many countries, however,their use in sports is not allowed emphatically. In the UK, the drug comes under the Class C which implies that this medicine is not to be manufactured. However, consuming the drug for personal use is not banned or frowned upon. It is not illegal or against the criminal laws in the UK to possess or carry it into the country in normal quantities. It will be prudent that one should check before entering the UK the current law or status of the drug so as not to land up in trouble.

Availability in the UK

If the medicine is not manufactured in the UK, then the question arises how anyone will obtain it. Even though it is not manufactured in the UK, one can obtain it from overseas suppliers or carry it when someone goes out of the country and purchase it there. However, it should be made clear that one cannot sell the drug for profit in the UK. There are many online shops which sell this drug with or without prescription and ship into the UK. When buying from such online stores, it is better to know about the supplier whether they supply the original and quality product. Some countries have the habit of supplying fake or spurious products and take the cash away from gullible customers.

Safety about the Drug

Even though it is not against the criminal laws in the UK to consume this drug, it does not mean that one can over dose the drug,useindiscriminately or for long periods. Since the drug can act on the central nervous system and increase the blood pressure, care should be taken when using it. Even under normal usage conditions, it can create side effects like nervousness, high blood pressure, thetoxicity of the Thyroid and fast heart beats. Individually or combined, they are life threatening and should be carefully monitored. It will be a good practice to consult a doctor when these symptoms are felt and action taken immediately.

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