Different Types of Vice Tools and How They Work

By on May 31, 2018
Vice Tools

In the field of production, there are thousands of devices and vice tools need to be used. Each of these vice tools is designed in a particular manner that can help the user to get a complete hold of the work piece and move it in a direction as required. Looking at the changing requirements the engineers come up with new tools with a different design that can help the user to have the job done easily and in less time compared to the old design tools. The vice tool is a device that consists of two parallel jaws which help in holding the work piece. One of the jaws of the vice tool is fixed, and the other jaw is movable with the help of a lever or screw. When the vice is used for holding the work piece during hand operations like hammering, sawing, or filing, the vice can be permanently bolted to the bench. The vices that are designed to hold the metallic work pieces, the active face of jaws are made of removable steel plates.

There are different types of vices which are designed for accommodating the different tasks. For example, the metalworking vice can’t be used by professional woodworking as it is specially designed by vices manufacturers for holding the stronger materials and might damage the wood.

The vices are separated into four categories. Here’s a look:

  1. The metalworking vices

The metalworking vices are used for clamping the metal. However, they are the very versatile type of vice and can be easily used for holding other materials such as plastic or wood if needed. Still, the user should be careful while clamping wooden material with the metal work piece vice, as the jaws of the vice can damage the look of the work piece. These vice normally mounts on the tops of the workbench. The metal vices are designed especially for strength when they are under pressure from heavy objects like steel bench blocks. They are available in a huge number of varieties as far as sizes and models are concerned.

  1. Woodworking vices

The woodworking vices are specially designed by vice manufacturers in India for clamping the wood and not metal. The woodworking vices are different from the metalworking vices as they are designed for mounting under the workbench. They have comparatively smoother jaws so that it doesn’t damage the wooden surface when clamping. They are also available in different models and sizes.

  1. Hand-held vices

As the name suggests, the hand-held vices are tools that are manually held for clamping and holding the small objects while working on them. These vices are perfect for holding the small work pieces while performing intricate tasks like painting or gluing.

  1. Machine vices

The machine vice is the clamping tool which is used for holding the objects securely when you are using the drill press or a milling machine. This tool is attached to the machine’s table so that one can relieve their hands from holding the workpiece while milling or drilling or performing a similar job.


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