Digital Marketing Holds a Bright and Prosperous Future in India

By on February 28, 2017
Digital Marketing

With the onset of digital marketing, a new landscape of conducting business has conjured up. And it’s online business…business over the Internet. And this trend has swept over the Indian market as well. According to a recent survey, India will be home to about 600 million Internet users by 2017, which will ultimately lead to a great business opportunity for e-business—more precisely, buying and selling products online, thereby creating a new benchmark in digital marketing standards. Adding to this, the growing popularity of the digital India campaign has served as a catalyst for the popularity of digital marketing in India.

Unlike conventional marketing tools—like TV, Print, and Radio, digital marketing provides a broad range of powerful yet economical tools and tactics for marketing. Some of them include

  • Promoting advertising on major search engine platforms
  • Ensuring conversion through various SEO and SMO campaigns
  • Making sure of page rankings on various results of search engine
  • Promoting banner ads on several websites and marketing in the digital world
  • Facilitating conversion through various SEO and SMO campaigns

What are various digital marketing strategy framework surveys saying?

  • 34% of organizations had an integrated strategy for digital marketing in 2016
  • 80% of organizations are planning to increase their digital marketing budget in 2017
  • Internet marketing is expected to result in a 30% increase in the company revenue
  • A major portion of marketers are quite upbeat about the popularity of the digital marketing strategy framework over traditional models

What are the future trends of digital marketing in India?

  • Mobile Marketing: As is evident by the latest surveys, the present outlook about mobile marketing in ensuring customer engagement—approximately 40% and the future outlook about mobile marketing in ensuring customer engagement—approximately 75%. In 2017, the growing rate of smartphone adoption and popularity of mobile apps as well as messaging are all set to define digital marketing standards and trends in the country. Strengthening the fact is another survey revealing that over 52% of searches are conducted using mobile, 83% of advertising revenue of Facebook derives from Smartphones, and 92% of mobile media time is devoted to various Smartphone apps by people.
  • Video Marketing: Top digital marketing companies have started considering video marketing an important tenet in their digital marketing strategy framework. Trending video content can be of different types, comprising videos for various social media channels like Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, and so on; GIF videos for Twitter and Facebook; product/demo videos; landing page videos; and live streaming videos with the storytelling features.
  • Email Marketing: Another top digital marketing trend in 2017, the email marketing space is expected to see the growing use of various email automation tools to send and track various intended and personalized emails, which provide more insights into customers, including demographics, age, loyalty, and their tendencies. Further, there will be an increase in the use of social media content for the email marketing strategy.
  • Social Media Marketing: In 2017, the drastic evolution of Snapchat is all set to rule the social media marketing trends. While live video streaming is bringing a transformation to social media campaigns, Instagram stories, social chats, social slideshow ads will also strengthen social media marketing in 2017
  • SEO marketing: This year, link building will remain as a powerful practice for SEO, while mobile marketing will come neck and neck with Google and other search engines. Moz and Google keyword planners will retain their competitive positions and personalized SEO campaigns will rule the roost in the digital marketing campaigns.

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