Effect Of Various Seasons On Windshields

By on May 2, 2019

Imagine cruising down a smooth highway out for a long drive with your friends, or a busy Monday morning with your mind crammed with things to be done, or a relaxed weekend outing with family. The one constant companion in all these scenarios is your trusted vehicle, your beloved car. Most passionate car owners take great care of their vehicle engines and are quite particular about regular servicing and detailing. Windshield maintenance is, however, one commonly ignored aspect of car maintenance. High or low temperatures, pressure, and weather conditions have a considerable impact on the car windshield. It is important to understand these and be prepared.

Indian Summer – Summer is the one season that sends temperatures soaring in the Indian subcontinent. Some parts of the country experience freak thunderstorms and others experience dry hot winds. The use of interior air conditioning in cars is frequent. This is just the right scenario for car glass to develop cracks due to the temperature difference outside and inside the car. Thunderstorms and dust storms often kick up dust and grime and the windshield may suffer damages form small pebbles or rocks hitting them. In the summer months it is best to park the car in a shaded garage and to run the air-conditioning in a low setting when out in the sun.

Rains and Monsoons – Much of the northern and eastern parts of India experiences monsoon rainfalls. This could range from a refreshing light pitter patter to torrential downpours. The damage to windshields in this season can come from falling branches and very heavy rainfall. If there are minor cracksor chips these could spread or falling branches could shatter the car glass. It is important to find a sheltered or indoor parking spot for the car in this season.

Autumn Leaves –Come autumn the temperature cools down considerably throughout the country. The monsoons too have passed by now and this is a great time to prepare for the upcoming winter months. The one precaution you may need to take in autumn, though, is to keep the car windshield clear at all times. Falling leaves may rot along the edges of the car glass and leave a stain that is difficult to remove. It is also best to undertake any car windshield crack repair before temperatures start to dip again.

Freezing winters –Winters are perhaps the worst season when it comes to windshield care. The freezing temperatures across the northern belt and the winter rainfall in southern India wreaks havoc on car windshields. Add to this the woes of frost, hail, and snowfall and we have the perfect recipe for car glass damage. The use of central heating in cars when the temperatures are very low outside increase the risks of cracks due to difference in inside and outside temperature. Park indoors when possible and be prompt when it comes to undertaking repairs.

Autumn and spring are the best seasons to undertake routine repair work and replacement of windshields in India. It is very important to consult Windshield Experts if you suspect damage. Undertake prompt repair work to avoid replacement and injury.

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