Who Else Can Start a Home Church Because of Every Individual?

By on September 9, 2017
Home Church

Attendance at church is on the increase. Why is this? Has a new mysticism hit the world? Or is it that hard times cause individuals to look ahead of themselves for answers? Of late, there has been a definite recession in the economy. In extended terms, there has been a depression in society, as a whole, and in the family constitution.

Learn to put into effect the gifts of God with your family. Let all your family units move and flow in the offerings of God. Your friends and neighbors will see it and ask you about it. Westside Family Church is committed to sharing the timeless truth of the Bible that’s culturally relevant and practical. Church is the answer the hurting individual needs, because it is a community rejoinder in the character of God’s love. God designed people to live in community, but one only survives in safety and flourishes on opportunity. Church offers purpose and acceptance.

From this power of worship in the home church, you will surge into the world where you work. Your friends and coworkers are the mark for the grace of God to work. Jesus asked human beings to go into the whole. You are the light and board of the world. You are the wealth by which he reaches the planet.

When you reach the humankind and individuals are saved, you begin anther house church in their homes. You teach them to start their home church and do the equivalent. God begins with the family. Each of your friends and co workers are the targets for God to reach through you. Once they consider, their family is part of the pledge of God, to save the family circle with you. Teach them to claim that pledge and get them accumulated.

Another house church like Westside Family Church Lenexa KS has begun now, because of your know-how of God in your home. This is the honest, best, without malevolence and any human schema. This is how God is puffed up. Eventually, people reach and take family after family to the empire of God. Satan marks families. Family is the greatest way to destroy societies and cultures. If Satan can separate and split families, he has succeeded in destruction of love and unity. That is all he requires in order to spread this across the countries. This is the bludgeon for Satan to stop evangelism. The adversary knows he cannot let a person begin a house church, because it will annihilate him. If people love one another God is glorified. The family home church is where it evangelism first begins and grows.

Keep in mind that God does not bring to a halt with home church. God starts with the home church to protect families from the assault of the adversary. He also wants to propagate and protect the family values of the monarchy principles. If the family is shattered God’s purpose on the earth is shattered. God’s love, active and living through His Word, empowered by His Holy Spirit, stretch out through His Church.


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