Essential Things to Know About Stainless Steel Instrument Trolleys

By on June 2, 2017
Stainless Steel Instrument Trolleys

Stainless steel instrument trolleys are used for a number of purposes. They are used to carry drugs, medication as well as to keep various medical and surgical equipments and devices.

  • These trolleys reduce the burden on the medical personnel. In addition to hospitals, these trolleys are used wherever medical care needs to be provided. These trolleys come in different sizes, shapes and kinds and they are fitted with different features.
  • Instrument trolleys are usually made of iron, wood or stainless steel. The stainless steel instrument trolleys are preferred as they are electroplated.  The electroplating also increases the sterility of the surface.
  • Wooden trolleys have a disadvantage that they are a breeding ground for bugs, insects and microbes. When there are spillages, wooden trolleys tend to rot or even grow mold, fungi and algae. This compromises the cleanliness and sterility of these trolleys. The stainless steel trolleys are also corrosion resistant and thus they are preferred to iron trolleys. 

Stainless steel instrument trolleys can be customized according to the medical need:

These stainless steel trolleys are usually easy to store and to assemble. In fact they can be assembled by anyone and do not require a professional to do the job.

  • They consist of a sold plate which is either welded or attached to the frame via screws. These trolleys have either 2 or more shelves and can be fitted with single door or double door cabinets. As per the user’s requirement, they can be fitted with a stainless steel bin as well.
  • The wheels of these trolleys are usually made of polyurethane and have shock absorption as well as abrasion resistance. These help to easily maneuver the trolley. Casters to trolleys are made of rubber and these are more wearable and are easy to disinfect.
  • Some of the trolleys can be fitted with an identity ring engraved; this helps in easy recognition and prevents loss. Some of these trolleys have reversible shelves and the users can choose from lipped edges or flat surfaces for the edges. The shelves can be removed and cleaned and they consist of an anti bacterial coating on the frames.

Stainless steel trolleys are also used to carry medical instruments:

The reasons why stainless steel trolleys are in demand are due to the fact that they can carry not only medication but instruments as well. They have push handles as well as corner buffers which help customers. These trolleys are meticulously designed and function smoothly. They help in making transportation of material hassle free.

When choosing an instrument trolley a few factors which need to be taken into consideration are:

  • The items need to be constructed sturdily. It should always be a onetime investment plan. The frame should be mounted on either casters or on wheels that rotate freely and in all directions.
  • It should have good tensile strength and should be able to withstand heavy pressure without getting bent
  • Adjustable knobs for controlling the height of these trolleys help a great deal. This prevents the medical staff from bending and straining several times a day. For additional safety, brakes can be added to these instrument trays.
  • There are some trolleys which have a double stand vertical column and this can be placed over the OT
  • The trolleys should be certified quality products to ensure that the user is getting the quality which is being claimed by the manufacturer

Lastly, pricing is another factor that needs to be considered when choosing of these trolleys as medical care facilities need several of them rather than just one or two.

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