Everything You Need To Know About Ringless Voicemail Marketing


Every field of marketing keeps evolving in order to become more consumer friendly and effective. Telemarketing has undergone some major changes in recent years. In order to become less obtrusive and more user friendly, brands have turned to Ringless Voicemail Marketing.

Customers do not want to be spammed by tele-callers all the time. They do not want their email inboxes and SMS folders overflowing with unwanted offers, discounts and notifications. In such a scenario, ringless voicemails have emerged as a high ROI strategy for marketing and sales.

In this article, we will look at what is ringless voicemail marketing. We will also explore some of the major advantages of ringless voicemails for brands and businesses.

Ringless Voicemails: what are they?

Ringless Voicemails are calls to consumers that go directly to the voicemail folder of a consumer without the normal ring. You can think of a ringless voicemail as a form of software, which sends pre-recorded messages to a person’s voicemail directly.

Some of the best brands and businesses across multiple industry niches are turning to ringless voicemails. This is because; it adheres to a very strong principle. That of allowing the consumer to access the call information at a time of his or her convenience.

The effectiveness of ringless voicemail stems from its non-obtrusive nature. Studies have shown that over 95% of the population listens to their voicemails once a day. If you compare the same with tradition tele calling, the numbers stand at a mere 15%.

Advantages of Ringless Voicemails

In this section, we will discuss some of the major advantages of ringless voicemails.

  1. It is very affordable and cost-effective-

One of the most important priorities for any outreach strategy is price. When compared to traditional tele calling, ringless voicemail marketing is cheaper and cost friendly.

Think about physical human tele-callers, individual systems, office space and you will soon arrive at the right decision.

2. Consumer friendly and psychologically effective

Consumer behaviour has undergone a radical change. People do not want to be influenced or controlled by manipulative sales people. Everyone wants to feel like they have autonomy and are control of the information they choose to accept.

Ringless voicemails helps consumers choose and listen to the voicemail at a time of their convenience.

3. Ringless Voicemail doubles as a SMS Text Marketing

The best ringless voicemail software allows the voice to be converted into text as well. This also helps in conveying the message in two kinds of differing mediums. Based on which strategy offers the maximum returns, you can decide on the future course of action.

This allows people who receive the message to read it or hear it, according to their preferences. This option offers every business a wn-win opportunity.

4. One of the best Cold Outreach Marketing strategies of 2020 –

For brands looking to get the most out of one outreach strategy, it is important to link it to other strategies as well. Ringless voicemail can help assist cold outreach strategies of a multiple nature.

Properly used, ringless voicemail can become an asset for your Marketing, Sales and Client Relationship Management team.


Most brands ask one basic question- Is Ringless Voicemail Legal. Yes! Ringless voicemail is legal. While there are some people who register their numbers with the DNC (Do Not Call) Registry, majority of them do not.

It is advisable that brands should not send ringless voicemails to numbers present on the DNC registry. While every country has its own sets of laws, ringless voicemails are not banned in any country as of now.

Do you think ringless voicemail is an important marketing tool that most brands should use? Let us know in the comments section below.

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