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There are many web hosting services in facilitating the business sector of India. You usually need to consider large and administration time since you will bring your customers and build your business through your website. But when comparing web hosting providers, the most important thing is to think about the features that are relevant to you.

About SiteGround Web Hosting Services 

Siteground often picked by the site owners who design their sites with popular CMS tools including, Joomla, Drupal, and WP. Moreover, Siteground offers beginner-friendly technical support that attracts several new site owners to pick their web hosting services. Also, Siteground is the most preferred hosting service for hosting WP sites. The company is renowned for its outstanding customer support and offering fast servers. 

Popular Hosting Services Offered by Siteground

  1. Reseller Hosting
  2. Cloud Hosting
  3. Dedicated Hosting
  4. Enterprise Hosting
  5. Web Hosting For Agencies
  6. Student Hosting

StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek are the three notable plans offered by SiteGround which gains many attractions among the Indian consumers. However, the pricing factor is a big worry since it cost a lot. The price tag for the basic web hosting plan offered by the Siteground hosting company is listed below.

  • StartUp: $ 3.95 per month for 10 GB of storage and with limited server access.
  • GrowBig: $ 5.95 per month that comes with 20 GB of storage and limited host server access.
  • GoGeek: $ 11.95 per month that comes 30 GB of storage and limited server access.

About Ewebguru Web Hosting Services 

eWebGuru one of the oldest and trustworthy hosting providers in India, it is in the hosting business since 2007. eWebGuru provides almost every web solutions including Shared hosting, Linux hosting, cloud dedicated server, dedicated server hosting, windows hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting services, email hosting & Domain. 

eWebGuru has a plan for every type of site and encourages technological specifications. With eWebGuru, the site admin can have your online business, web journals, local budgets, destination-based CMS, local video, So eWebGuru has a matching server to have such local varieties. 

EwebGuru has better features in their package at an affordable price. 

List of Hosting Packages Offered By eWebGuru

  1. Windows Hosting
  2. Linux Hosting
  3. VPS Hosting
  4. Linux Reseller
  5. Java Hosting
  6. Dedicated Server hosting

Comparison Of SiteGround And eWebGuru

While comparing with the hosting plans based on their prices, there is no doubt that eWebGuru would stands tall. Because eWebGuru offers cheap hosting packages when compared with all other hosting service providers in India. 

As far as the starting price for hosting on Siteground starts at $3.95 / Month, eventually on converting those price amounts for a year ends up more than Rs. 3000 for a year on converting to Indian rupees. 

Meanwhile, the starting hosting plan of eWebGuru starts at just Rs. 1,295 per year. Without any doubt, you can go blindly for eWebGuru if you are just looking for the price factor for buying a hosting server for your site. 

Let us compare Siteground and eWebGuru based on their hosting features. 

The starting plan of the Siteground web hosting services offers 10 GB web space and approximately around 10,000 visitors per month. This eventual showcase the restrictions applied by the Siteground on their hosting plan. On the other hand, eWebGuru offers its starting plan for just Rs. 1,295 with a stable and reliable hosting server. With 1 GB of web space and whopping 5GB bandwidth, the hosting features offered by eWebGuru offers more benefits to the website owners. 

Why You Should Prefer eWebGuru?

eWebGuru knows its customer’s requirements and perfectly structures their hosting plan accordingly. Apart from that, here are the few vital factors that can induce you to go for eWebGuru over the Siteground Hosting Service. 

  • Sturdy Hardware – Web application that brings thousands of user data can be stored on this server without any fallout.
  • Cutting Edge Innovation – eWebGuru has a plan for every type of site and encourage technological specifications. With eWebGuru, the site admin can have your online business, web journals, local budgets; destination-based CMS, local video, so. eWebGuru has a matching server to have a local variety.
  • High Reputation – The fact that eWebguru based in India are enough reasons for your company or other companies that prefer it. This means that EwebGuru trustworthy and your data is safe with them.
  • Special Features – eWebguru web hosting services offers free installation, which is hard to find among other service providers. Also, it provides easy to use control panel. Besides, site owners are allowed to transfer sites and domains at no additional cost.

Bottom Line

All web solutions can be availed at affordable prices at eWebGuru, which is difficult to find services like quality and competitive price from SiteGround hosting providers. All put together should make you prefer eWebGuru service compared to Bulgaria based SiteGround hosting service providers.

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