Exercises with Muay Thai Fitness for Weight Loss, Strength & Agility

By on November 27, 2017
Muay Thai Fitness

Muay Thai training camps may not have similar workout routines, but they all focus on honing your mastery in the art. With a booming travel and tourism industry in Thailand, foreigners can now pitch the tent at a top-class camp due to their first-rate facilities and gym equipment. Most have a network of Thai fighters well-versed with the tradition and foreign languages such as English. For aspirant boxers, these camps come in handy due to their in-depth, grueling, and demanding training regimen. You can find a Muay Thai camp at a stone’s throw distance from tourist hotbeds or locate them on their website online.

Training for Weight-Loss

Some Muay Thai gyms have carved out a niche in health offering weight loss regimen meant to optimize caloric expenditure. You can bring these programs into your travel agenda to blast away fat deposits for a healthier and fit body. Most of these gyms maintain a website where you can enroll in the health and weight-loss program together with accommodation long before the plane touches down. You will learn the ropes on Thai fighting techniques and healthy weight loss nutrition such as vegetables, fruits, lean meat, and a variety of exotic foodstuffs. Traditional Muay Thai workout regimens such as skipping rope, heavy bag work, group run, pad work, and ring fights push your cardio, help you burn more calories and strengthen your brain.

Body Weight Workouts for Full Body Oomph

Muay Thai body weight training boosts your overall strength and transforms you to a super gymnast. Coaches at these training camps inculcate fighting prowess to fighters using Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, and resistance regimens. They will introduce body weight exercises fashioned to improve body strength. Focus on your body weight allows you to discover your pound-for-pound power. Technical training as a fight involves high-intensity exercises, risk-free and includes traditional skills to boost body strength and sharpen your Muay Thai skills.

Strength Training for Professional Fighters

If you travel to Thailand to increase strength for explosive power to ensure you don’t gas out after a few jabs with your opponent, you’ll need to join a Muay Thai training camp. The workouts enable you to build furious strength and power endurance as they synergize the neuro-muscular network, hormonal system, and cardiovascular muscles to improve their efficiency. Fighters get a continuous flow of ATP to their muscles to support their power expenditure. You can explore strength training workouts available at a Muay Thai gym website, but most fight-centered exercises include compound lifts, heavy weight lifting, squats, deadlifts, and overhead presses.  Coaches will map out a regimen with recovery breaks, nutrition supplements, and meditation as the exercises take a heavy toll on your body.

Fight in the Ring   

After you take the plunge at the Muay Thai training camp at www.suwitmuaythaigym.com and improve skill level, combatant power and agility, you can partake in the ring. Most gyms can arrange a friendly match with a formidable opponent, or you can fight high-level games at one of Thailand’s cities. Muay Thai can improve your muscular and body physique, help boost your body’s health by burning fat, and equip you with an art peculiar to Thailand.


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