Family travel guide to Tennessee, USA

By on June 1, 2019

Tennessee is one of the growing states in the USA. It is a perfect mix of cultural soul, natural surrounding and modernization that ensures all things are grounded. People living in Tennessee are as charming as the sounds and sights that do make up the state. In case you are interested in getting a place where you can connect your inner Zen, then you have to make a trip to these Smoky Mountains and see some of the most breathtaking views in America. When in Tennessee, when you are not nodding your head, dancing or tapping your foot to the diverse and rich music, then you might not be having a heartbeat.

Ensure you include the following family attraction sites in the places to visit in your next Tennessee, USA vacation.

  1. Great Smoky Mountains National Park

This national park is known world over for its diverse fauna and flora. It does have some enchanting beauty in their old mountains which requires visitors to trek, go camping, hike or take the great photos from afar. It is considered to be the country’s most visited national park explaining why it is a must visit place for your family.

2. Elvis Presley’s Graceland

Ensure you take some time with your family and visit the legendary Elvis Presley’s Graceland to experience feeling up close and personal with the King. This site does consist of an audio guided tour of residence, Elvis Presley Car Museum visit together with the latest Elvis: Live from Las Vegas gallery.  In the gallery, you will see awards, photographs, costumes and other memorabilia that do celebrate the life of an individual who completely revolutionized the music industry.

3. Opry Museum and Grand Ole Opry House

Music is one of the things that Tennessee is well known for. You will find the musical heart of Tennessee at Opry Museum and Grand Ole Opry House.

Grand Ole Opry House is a spectacular venue and purpose built that hosts great stage entertainment which is based on the hour long radio barn dance that was founded way back in 1925. People are known to travel from all over the world coming to enjoy the great musical extravaganza and performances.  To its right you will get the Opry Museum. It is here where you will come across different memorabilia that are on display and the entry is totally free. Entertainment fans will definitely enjoy their holiday at Tennsesse.

4. Tennessee Aquarium

Tennessee Aquarium is considered to be among the best aquarium in the USA. This aquarium will guarantee your kids and your entire family lots of exciting discoveries and exploration in the marine world.

You will be able to get close with some of the most exotic animals such as the sea lions, penguins, walruses and all fish types. Ensure you watch the IMAX 3D movie theater show that does boast of having a screen that is six stories tall.

5. Dollywood

In case you are looking forward to a great and fun family out in the Pigeon Forge, Tennessee one place you cannot afford to miss out on is the theme park owned by the nations signing sensation Dolly Parton.

Dollywood is known to be a very great place that is fully packed with entertainment sites, attractions and thrills that range from a variety of great rides and water parks through to the entrainment, music, events and lots of facilities that include accommodation.

6. The Hall of Fame and Southern Gospel Museum

The Hall of Fame and Southern Gospel Museum are found in Tennnesse, USA. This is a great bonus to any music fan. It is a delightful attraction which does have something for all the ages making it an excellent family attraction.

7. The Hermitage

The Hermitage which is now a National historic landmark used to be home of America’s seventh president, Andrew Jackson.

The historic plantation, mansion and gardens are today part of the museum complex where one can enjoy history, education and exploration. You can always pay a visit to the mansion where you will be exploring exhibits and displays as you learn about the property’s history.

8. Memphis Zoo and Aquarium

During your vacation at Tennesse, USA with your family, ensure you pass by the Memphis Zoo and Aquarium where your kids will have a great time. Having different animal exhibits like Crocodile Cove, Cat country, Dragon’s Lair and Penguin Rock, your kids will  love discovering, exploring and learning all about animals which they used to see on the TV and only read on magazines and books.

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