Fast Fact About the Mount Abu Hill Station

By on June 5, 2018
Mount Abu Hill Station

Popular by the name, The Abode of Gods, Mount Abu also serves as the Abode of nature. One of the must include destinations in Rajasthan tour packages, Mount Abu is truly blessed as the heaven. With peaceful surrounding, the place comes up with a number of hills, mountains, lake, and much more, that would provide you with a solace more than you have expected.

However, before you book any of the Mount Abu tour packages, there are some interesting facts related to the place. Let’s check out.

  • Mount Abu is a plateau that is situated on the borders of Gujarat and Rajasthan. The highest peak there is Guru Shikhar which heights at around 5650 feet that ranges to around 1722 meters. The highest peak also brings to you natural wanders like dense forests, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, and much more.
  • The tourist attraction destination includes an evergreen forest which provides the hot desert of Rajasthan with some shade. The concept of Ecotourism was introduced from Mount Abu only. The tourist spot is a well-balanced combination of adventure sports and religious places.
  • The geography of Mount Abu is capable to protect itself from attacks of external kings in olden times which made it the best place where the Rajput kings ruled.
Mount Abu Hill Station

Mount Abu Hill Station

  • The place comes with basic three popular attractions that include Nakki Lake, The Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary, and the Achalgarh Fort that would provide them unforgettable moments.
  • On visiting Mount Abu, you would come to know that the place follows a number of cultures, as, during ancient times, the Gurjaras, the Moghuls, The Rajputs, etc. ruled the place. Mount Abu was also known as the land of Gurjaras.
  • Mount Abu is also believed to be the origin place of the Rajputs. According to the mythology, the first Rajput man arose from an Agni Kunda here in which Sage Vashistha was performing his rituals. They were said to be a blessing from the God to protect the earth’s righteousness.
  • During the ancient times, Mount Abu was also considered to be the forest that had magical powers, also named as a forest of Arbhudha which is deeply connected with Sage Vashishtha and Sage Vishwamitra.

As Mount Abu is connected both religiously and adventurously, there are various facts that are related to the peak in one or the other way. Visit here the place for more such interesting facts related to Jaisalmer Desert Camp


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