Festival of Lights

By on September 14, 2017
Festival of Lights

It’s a famous festival in India. A whole year people wait for this festival and when it come they immensely cherished this festival across all over in India. People send Diwali whatsapp status to each other also post status on social media.  Diwali Festival name has its origin from Sanskrit, meaning “Rows of Deep”.

During several years the name has been pronounced as Diwali.  People also called this festival as ‘festival of lights’ and celebrate this festival with joy and happiness also observed holiday across India. This is not the festival for Hindus only but also related with Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism. Hindus celebrate this festival as after 14 years of exile their Lord Rama comes back to their home Ayodhya after a big victory over the Demon Ravana.

The day he reached his kingdom Ayodhya, people welcomed him with rows of deep, light throughout the kingdom. Lighting oil lamps is a tradition on Diwali which symbolizes the victory of good over evil.

People celebrate this festival with great merriment and joy. On this auspicious day people exchange warm greetings and gifts with their near and dear ones to impress their joy and happiness and people worship their god or goddess According to their religion. Devotees worship Maa Lakshmi on this auspicious day. Like another festival Diwali also have historical and spiritual significance, Lakshmi.

People believed that at the night of festival Maa Laxmi comes to their home this is also one the reason that before this festival people clean their home and decorate with flowers, electric lights, and candles. In the evening of the festival, they light oil lamps in a small clay bowl and also used electric lights which add the beauty. Most of the people make traditional dishes to eat like fritters, sweet dish. Before having that food people do worship Lord Laksmi and Lord Ganesha. Sing arti and bhajans to show their honor to their Lord and after worship teens and kid’s burst fireworks and crackers to make the celebration of this beautiful festival.

This festival mostly comes on the day called new moon that’s why people give so much importance to the lights on this festival and Decorate building with lights. Lit divas and candles and some people also decorate their home with colorful Rangoli, people create a pattern on the floor and fill that design with different dry colors. Sometimes they also used Wheat powder and rice for more attraction. People also buy a new set of clothes and.

This festival shows that good will always triumph over evil as this festival represents light over darkens.

After Puja and give honor to goddess Laxmi, traders start their new accounts as it’s also the beginning of Hindu commercial calendar. They offer special prayers to Goddess Laxmi so that she gives her blessings on the household and on business.

We learned some values of life from this festival. Nothing but this festal is the ultimate victory of good over evil.  People believed that this festival teaches us so many things like one day any devil will be subdued by goodness and righteousness and also teach us that how much ram follow his parents, Sita love, and faithfulness for his husband and last but not least Lakshmi’s unflinching love for his brother. Teach us many lessons of life.

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