Fetal Gene Therapy- Get an Overview of It

By on June 12, 2018
Fetal Gene Therapy

Fetal Gene Therapy is the most significant achievement in the history of medical science. Once thought impossible, now technology has made it possible. This therapy is recently focused on the introduction of genetic material into non-germ line cells with an aim of decreasing human disease. The process has been applied to children and adult patients and after that 300 protocols have been approved. Some inherited disorder such as Tay-Sacs Disease, Cystic Fibrosis and a variety of hematopoietic stem cell disorders can potentially be heightened before birth.

There are some false assumptions about fetal gene therapy like the enhanced regenerative capacity of the fetal tissue assumes that fetal cells may be inherently ‘transducible’ than the adult cells. In other words, gene therapy is a treatment that adds genes to specific body cells. Also within some years, there will be the treatment available that can delete particular genes from body cells. The procedure of delivering a gene to an organ needs a carrier vehicle, such as a virus. AAV virus works the best in this therapy because it has limited carrying capacity.

Advantages of the Therapy:

As a new and most researched therapy, it has some advantages that are beneficial for the people. Have a look at the points below:

  • Fetal gene therapy addresses genetic diseases of the particular individual at the level of the molecular defect.
  • Through this process, any inherited disorder can be identified before birth which absolutely helps in giving birth to a nonaffected Also, the entire procedure imposes very high demands on the outcome of prenatal gene therapy with proper respect to its level of effectiveness and safety.
  • Prenatal gene delivery can reach proliferating precursor cell compartments more effectively than postnatal gene therapy.
  • Prenatal gene therapy reduces irreparable damage to organs and tissues and postnatal tolerance to therapeutic transgenic proteins.

Something More You Want to Know about Fetal Gene Therapy

While talking about Fetal Gene Therapy, you should know that severe FGR is quite rare and it is such an odd situation that you don’t need to worry about it. But, apart from this, there are several genetic disorders which may happen to your kid during birth. These come with several levels of severity. With fetal gene therapy, such conditions can be treated and you can get back your giggling baby. Today, mothers are being trained on getting more knowledge about such genetic disorders and the syndromes of those. Therefore, they are also made learning about the fetal gene therapy and implications of it.

So, here you get detail information about fetal gene therapy. Presently, it refers to certain treatments where genes are added to the specific body cells of adults or kids. Presently, with the technological advancement, the gene therapy has become more superior and that includes the removal of certain genes from your body cells. You also don’t need to get tensed about it as it doesn’t affect your gametes and thus, there is no negative effect on your future children of your family.


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