How To Find The Best Canned Salmon For Recipes At Home?

By on May 20, 2014
How To Find The Best Canned Salmon For Recipes At Home

Over the past few years it seems as though the health craze has brought eating salmon at parties, picnics and reunions back. The reason why salmon is so popular is because it’s relatively easier to cook, a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids, extremely tasty and has a lot less bad fat than beef. The U.S. Dietary Guidelines also strongly recommend that everyone eat around two servings of this fish every week. That said before you get into cooking any particular type of canned salmon recipes it is important to find the right type of salmon.

The important thing you need to keep in mind is the fact that there are some types of salmon you’ll want to steer clear of. There are also a few questions you’ll want to ask prior to deciding to buy. Below we look at a few things to consider prior to making your purchase.



Farmed versus wild canned salmon

The choice between canned and wild salmon can be a difficult one. If you want that extra injection of healthy meat into your body and a slightly better taste then opt for wild salmon. The other reason why you may want to buy wild salmon is because numerous environmental groups in America have put farmed salmon on their “must avoid” list mainly because these farmed fishes are often raised in overcrowded fish farms where they are infected with body lice as well as often treated with an array of antibiotics. This is known to also spread diseases to wild fishes in the rare event they do come into contact with them.

The other thing you need to bear in mind that it takes around three pounds of good wild fish to feed a single salmon. Even though there is news that environmental groups are discussing various improvement techniques with fish farmers but until those techniques have been put in practice it is best to avoid farmed salmon.

Organic versus non organic salmon?

There is no real difference between either organic or inorganic salmon, plus there is no way to grantee if a label that has “organic” on it and charges you $10 extra is in fact organic. So, the label is meaningless

Is it better to buy canned salmon versus frozen and fresh?

As a rule of thumb if you’re going to follow canned salmon recipes then you are better off buying canned. If you want to buy fresh you can either buy it from a supermarket between the months of June to September. The majority of fish available in frozen form has been flash frozen in order to preserve its overall freshness plus making it easier to ship. Frozen salmon can be stored for months and thawed a night before it needs to be cooked. However, if you’re looking to save money canned is a better choice and happens to be a lot tastier. If health is your concern then buy fresh.

Does salmon have toxins like PCBs?

Wild Salmon that spends most of its time in the open ocean will have a much lower level of toxins. However, farmed and coastal salmon may have slightly higher levels of toxins. According to the Environmental Defense Fund farmed salmon is the worst and people shouldn’t consume more than just two servings of it a month because of extremely high PCB levels.

Different types will taste different

When you start searching for salmon you’ll come across a whole host of different types with different colors, prices, and taste. There are six commonly eaten species and so what you buy will depend on your budget. The most expensive is the Chinook or King as it’s called, the fish has a high fat content, very buttery to the touch and is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. The other is the slightly oilier Sockeye, this one has a stronger flavor and can be easily grilled. If you need something milder with a lighter color then Coho is a good choice. Both Chum and Pink are very small and are often canned or smoked, making them excellent budget choices. In the end we have Atlantic salmon, this particular species is farmed and so not recommended by various environmental groups. Safcol recommends that people always use canned salmon that has been packaged and approved by the food and drug authority in their country.


Mark has been in the fishing industry for over two decades. He has not only worked as a consultant in various industrial position but also is an environmental specialist. He is often called upon to discuss matters of farming and packaging. He strongly recommends that people follow canned salmon recipes because they are easy and tasty.


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