Five Items Requiring Heavy Duty Wheels and Casters

By on February 7, 2018
Heavy Duty Wheels and Casters

The strength and durability of the casters attached to an item are just as important as the wheels that move it around. When choosing the casters and wheels for an item, be sure to look at its weight, size and the environment where it will be used. Consider some examples of items that require sturdy wheels and heavy duty casters that can support the weight.

Large Refrigerators

Large refrigerators are used in a number of different environments including hospitals, school cafeterias, restaurants and other big facilities where many people are served food. These refrigerators hold a variety of perishable items and can sometimes contain dozens of pounds of food. Oftentimes, these refrigerators have casters and wheels, so they can be moved to different locations within a facility. It’s important to give these refrigerators sturdy support so they don’t tip over and cause damage while being moved. The right kind of wheels and casters can give a large refrigerator the support it needs to travel safely.

Flatbed Carts

Flatbed carts are a familiar sight at many big box stores, factories and storage facilities. They are useful for moving several heavy boxes, pieces of furniture, lumber or other items, in a safe manner. The casters and wheels on a flatbed cart must be able to move freely even if the cart is piled with weighty items. The casters and wheels must also be able to endure bumpy terrain such as a gravel walkway or an unevenly paved parking lot.

A Portable Kitchen Island

A portable kitchen island is an option for many families who have a small kitchen and want to be able to move the island where it fits best. Generally, a kitchen island is loaded with plates, utensils, cups, food and more. So, the portable island must be fully supported by the wheels and casters attached to it. In addition, most wheels on a portable kitchen island should have brakes on them so this piece of kitchen furniture will remain stationary when it’s being used.

A Tool Chest

A tool chest in a residential garage or in a professional mechanic’s garage has drawers that hold many types of tools. The wrenches, screwdrivers, nails, pliers and other items in a typical tool chest can cause the tool chest to weigh a hundred pounds or more. So, the casters and wheels on the tool chest must be capable of handling all of that weight and keeping the chest balanced so it doesn’t topple over.

A Portable Dishwasher

Portable dishwashers are used in some residential kitchens, restaurant kitchens and maybe even in an outdoor kitchen. They wash dishes just as efficiently as a dishwasher that can’t be moved. Even if a portable dishwasher is empty, it is still very heavy. So, it needs casters and wheels with the ability to support it and move it with ease.

Other common items that need a set of sturdy wheels and casters include portable bookshelves, large items of furniture like sofas and tables as well as storage trunks. Making sure you pair the appropriate wheels and casters with the item they are attached to can save you property damage or even injuries that result from items moving off balance and crashing over.


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