Five Reasons to Use Mannequins at your Fashion Store

By on February 21, 2017
Fashion Store

No retail store is complete without proper display fixtures. Every retail store must have display sets and fixtures which are used to display products which are being sold at the store. In case of clothing retail store these display sets become even more important. At clothing stores and boutiques mostly mannequins and dress forms are used as display sets. Mannequins are basically body forms or statues made by any material like metal, wood, plastic or stone. Store owner cloth these display sets and place them in their stores where customers can easily look these mannequins from outside and inside of the store.

In today’s clothing retail stores the role of mannequins is not merely to display clothing or other fashion accessories. These display sets are also used as a marketing tactic to make a store more appealing so the customers can attract to the store. Following are few benefits to use mannequins at your clothing retail shop.

Store Decorator: Now a days mannequins have become a great looking decoration piece and used to enhance the internal environment of the store. By having few sets of stylish looking mannequins you can easily enhance the look of your store to make it appealing for your potential customers.

Marketing Tactic: Mannequins and dress forms are also being used as a marketing tactic for retail store. Having a great collection of mannequins at your display window will always help you to grab your potential customer’s attention.  This marketing tactic have proven a growth of up to 70 percent in different retail shops in USA.

Inventory Organizer: Mannequins are also very helpful to organize your clothing inventory at your fashion store. You can display clothing on these statues in an organized and well way so that your customers can see it. You can also highlight few of the clothing verities by displaying those on some attractive looking mannequins.

Visualization: Dress forms and mannequins can also help you to visualize your clothing inventory so that your customers can assess that how a dressing will actually look like. For this purpose you can use some realistic or poseable mannequin forms and can clothed them in your preferred way. These still models will help you to visualize your clothing in any look, pose or style.

Maintains Freshness: Mannequins can also help you to maintain your clothing stock freshness. By displaying on some rough display set you will definitely ruin the look of displayed clothing piece. By displaying it at mannequins you can save it from fadedness and dust.

These are few advantages of having few mannequin display sets at your retail store. I am sure that these benefits are more important for your store’s success than the money you invest on these display pieces.

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