Four Reasons Why We Love J.R.R Tolkien’s Hobbit Series

By on April 15, 2017
J.R.R Tolkien’s Hobbit Series

The adventurous Hobbit series was a prequel to the scintillating journey of The Lord of the Rings, both coming from the genius of the man Tolkien. Film adaptation reached out first to The Lord of the Rings and then Hobbit was brought to the fore. The success of the fantabulous writing artistry of Tolkien and Peter Jackson’s masterful adaptation made their collective franchise the fourth highest grossing in the Hollywood industry of all time. The creator of Middle-Earth quests and majestic contests has won hearts since 1937 with over 150 million copies sold worldwide. So what is it about this fantasy packed, mysterious novel that tantalizes us so much? Let’s find out.

Heart pounding action and lip-licking adventures

The scene set by the author just takes you head down diving into Middle Earth. You are so engrossed in the context of the story that, according to book reviewers, you turn into book carnivores. A simple plot surrounds an amazing quest- the quest to reach the ‘lonely mountain’ where a dragon guards centuries of dwarf wealth and jewels. A hobbit is hired almost forcefully as a burglar on the journey who eventually becomes the story’s center of attention when he finds a mystical ring. Every character plays a helpful hand in the story which moves the plot forward. The description of so many different kinds of people, including dwarfs, hobbits, elves, orcs and human beings is simply mind blowing.

A complete literary throughput for all

It’s not just a pastime novel. The book is a complete literary masterpiece according to many teachers. It is also regarded by many as the pioneer to introduce them to the fantasy and mystery of theworld of magic and mystical creatures. Fantasy fiction, learnt from Tolkien’s masterpiece, has then gone on to inspire many movies and TV shows alike. The story’s plot evokes interest on the part of the youth, who is acquainted with strong literature in an attention grabbing fashion. In the face of books that take a toll on the students during their English Literature coursework, The Hobbit brings literary fervor and relentless addiction together.

A genuine work of art without any explicit content

In a world where novels and bestsellers come inundated with physical affection and passionate affairs, The Hobbit series serves as a genuine work of art filled with magical characters that regenerate the images of characters of stories your mom and dad once told you. Who doesn’t love wizards with pointy hats- Saruman the white, Gandalf the gray and Radagast, all joining the find against the common enemy- the Necromancer.The names, places and the geography of the places is so awe-inspiring that often it’s difficult to believe that such creativity came  from a human mind.

Finally, Bilbo Baggins- the Hobbit himself

At the end of the day, the most inspiring aspect of the story which will keep you glued to your copies is the transformation of the lead character Bilbo. From a lazy hobbit, who never wants to leave his burrow, to a heroic munificent gentleman, the story marvels the courage of a common man on an impossible mission.

Author Bio: Kelly Leona is the author of this guest post who is a graduate of English Literature himself. She is a high school teacher Write my assignment for me who often blesses with priceless contributions.


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