Freelance Writing Guide for Beginners

By on November 26, 2018
Freelance Writing Guide

Being a newbie in the freelance writing industry can be confusing, can’t it? At this point, you got no clue on steps to take, how to spend your time or even what the industry needs.

The truth is freelance writing is an easy and straightforward venture, all you need is making right moves at the right time, and all will be flowing for you. The article is going to provide you more profound insights that you need as a beginner to be competitive.

Do you have the right facilities?

There are a few essentials you need to take off. Good news is that these facilities are not such expensive. They include:

Computer-You must have one be it a laptop or a desktop for writing and storing your work

Internet connection-This will enable you in networking for clients, doing research for clients jobs and reading to sharpen your skills

Email address-Email address is the communicating vessel in this industry. Also, the email should be professional; emails such as [email protected] can’t woo clients.

Word processor-These is where your duty lies, you can get it free from Google Docs or Microsoft office.

PayPal Account-As a freelance writer, you’re a global service render. Your clients are from all over the world. PayPal is the most preferred payment modality globally.

Good command of the prescribed language- You should be in a position of expressing yourself eloquently in your contents. This will create an influx of clients for your services.

Adhere to rules and ethos-If you want to survive long and reap greatly in this venture; you have to observe clients requirements. Deliver your content at the agreed time.

Now that you have basic facilities, how can you make money as a beginner in freelance writing ministry?

Ways beginner freelancers can make money

Before we explore further, you need to make money in the next few months. There are various ways with lower barriers of entry that can be a source of income for you.

Freelance blogging

This is the friendliest way for the beginner because it almost has no entry barriers. Two main options include content marketing where you can write posts for organizations and helping bloggers that don’t have time to create all of their content.

Freelance website copywriting

Hundreds of individuals on a daily basis are getting new websites for their business, but they have no idea of what to write. Do your research on the local market; you’ll end up getting lucrative deals for your content.

eBook writing

Are you a specialist on a particular topic? Here is an opportunity for you. Break into this industry by writing eBooks on your favorite contents. Preferred content can be as a result of what you studied or working experience.

Podcast and video writing script

Take it to a notch higher, think of podcasters and YouTubers. Most of them use scripts for their work. As a beginner, it doesn’t need rocket science to write these scripts.


Transcription is another excellent avenue for you. The door is always open for you since it’s a non-skilled position. You get paid to write what’s said by someone. Check on various sites such as speech pad, Rev and many others.


Apart from English do you speak any other language? If so, you are wasting your abilities. There’s plenty of market for translators. Many content writers and bloggers want to reach a wider audience; hence, if you got the capacity to write their content into other languages such as French, Germany, Spanish, Russian, Chinese or Finnish, you will make a kill.

Review writing

Reviews are of different scopes, such as;

Product review writing- you can do these reviews on various sites such as Amazon, Digital or others. Blog posts can also hire your service.

Show and performance reviews-If you got a passion for art, this is your place to be. You can get involved in publications that will handsomely pay you.

Service reviews-With your preferred niche, you can be hired to write reviews on it.

Ghost writing

Here’s a surprising reality, many bloggers, authors and organizations don’t personally write all of their content. They hire people to help them with their workload. If you’re confident with your writing skills, join the bandwagon and make your dream come true.


It’s easier to penetrate the freelance writing industry. It’s all about putting your priorities right. An organized beginner can make a lot of money than a veteran. Just equip yourself with the above tips and opportunities will be plenty for you.


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