Fulfil Your Dreams Of Contributing to The Society with B.Tech. Fire & Safety Engineering

By on September 6, 2019
Fire & Safety Engineering

Fire causes irreversible damages thathavecaused losses worth lakhs of money in the past. There have been many fires in recent times that have surfaced such as Amazon Forest and California wildfire. These wildfires have not only cost us numerable environmental damages but also managed to seep into commercial and residential areas putting life at risk.

Speaking of residential and commercial areas, they are athigher risk when it comes to fire. This makes it essential to exercise fire safety in these areas as they are prone to fire. All fire hazards must be taken into consideration to avoid any fire or its chances to occur. This is where afire and safety course comes handy!

Fire and safety course is a B Tech specialization ensures safer workplaces such as factories, manufacturing plant, gas plants and more. Workplaces like these are full of fire hazards, andit must be ensured that they are not in danger. With a fire and safety course, one can devise a plan that protects and provides safety with the help of architecture and technology.

With a career after fire and safety course, you will not only save the lives of people by ensuring they are not under any danger but also protect the environment. Here’s why a fire and safety course is a viable choice to make in today’s world.

Scope for growth

With multiple factories, offices, industries and more opening in India, the need for fire and safety professionals is on a rapid rise. That’s not all, with multiple high rises becoming a popular choice of residence for the masses, the safety of infrastructure becomes a responsibility of someone who has undertaken fire and safety course.

Has Plenty of Opportunities

The fire and safety course has gained a ton of popularity overtime with an increasing amount of students opting for this course. Instead of running after mainstream courses, this course has become one of the most popular ones. The reason for the growing number of students opting for this course is the plethora of job opportunities available. With a fire and safety course you can choose to become a Fire & Safety Manager, Fire Risk Assessor, Fire & Safety Consultant, Fire & Safety Advisor, Fire Prevention Engineer and much more.

Contribution tothe Society

Various dangers persist in work places like chemical plants, industries, chemical plants and more. In this scenario, it becomes a priority of the employer to ensure that its employees have a safe work environment for themselves. To ensure this, a fire and safety professional plays a substantial role as it is their responsibility to ensure that they impose the needful to minimise the threat. That’s not all, and you can also work closely in protecting the environment to ensure that no natural resource is exploited in a calamity.

To conclude, fire and safety course is no doubt an important one as it ensures that the people are under no threat in their workplace or home. However, fire and safety course is a very niche course and not every university offers it; hence, you have to be mindful of the choice of the university you make.

One such university that ensures you graduate as the best fire and safety professional is UPES. The university has an industry-aligned curriculum that provides students with the latest education of their respective field. Even the faculty of this university has in-depth knowledge and industrial experience, which makes them the best in the country. The students are provided with industrial exposure through industrial visits, guest lectures, seminars, projects and much more, which help student get first-hand experience. Now, you can be a hero and save lives by pursuing a B tech in fire and safety.


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