Fun with Family: How You Should Pack Your Car for a Road Trip

By on February 21, 2018
fun things to bring on a road trip

There is nothing quite like a road trip! That’s right. There is no better way to rejuvenate yourself than going on a road trip and if you are planning one as your next holiday escapade, then congratulations – you have come to the correct avenue.  You are going to find some fantastic tips here to make your journey a whine-free, comfortable and enjoyable one.

How is this possible? Let’s just dive into it without any further delay.

Take Your Favorite Audio Books Along

First and foremost, road trips and audio books go hand in hand. Trips like these serve as the perfect time to tootle through a book. Queue it up on some gripping tales to keep you occupied throughout the journey, and your mind charged up with some exciting literary adventures. It’s massively entertaining and makes the driving dilemma less stressful and the journey race-y pace-y.

If there is one audiobook most families recommend for a road trip is The Harry Potter series. Moms, in particular, believe that this series is a blessing. And the best thing is that they won’t even stuff up your car in any way.

Check Your Food Supplies

Moving on, what is a road trip without good food? Talking about food makes our mouth water, let alone what happens when we actually munch on some, ha!  Anyway, make sure you keep your snack box in a central location so that it is easily accessible by everyone present in the vehicle. One way to save space is to pack the food items in small boxes or containers and keeping those in one big-sized box so that it occupies only one point of the car. Having separate boxes for different food items would mean lots of containers and you, certainly, do not want to waste your valuable car space this way.

Since we already talked about the storage, let’s discuss some food ideas, ideal for an adventure like road trips. Typically, packing food for a road trip is incredibly tricky because you need to take care of your own self and maintain the car as well. So it is an excellent idea to opt for food which is portable, crumb-free and non-greasy to avoid the mess.

Set priorities when you plan the food list and embrace the fact that a trip doesn’t mean snacking on junk. Try to stick to healthier options and pre-plan so that you do not have to rely on street food.

Don’t scratch your head as the options are endless and tasty enough to satisfy your tummy. Finger food like egg and chicken sandwiches loaded with mozzarella cheese are one of the many options. Also, carrots are best for trips like this; the crunchiness keeps you on track. In addition to this, you can take along peanut bars, fruit bars or protein bars and peanut butter sandwiches as well as hard-boiled eggs. Moreover, you even pack nuts in a container. Mix up some almonds, pistachios, cashew nuts, and walnuts and this way, you will get something equivalent to a full meal.
To satisfy that sweet-tooth, you can munch on some double-chocolate or strawberry muffins, chocolate chip cookies, or brownies. Fruits are something staple; you can take it as a whole or as a salad. Apples and grapes can last for several days.

If you are taking your kids along, stock up on some bread and Nutella, this makes it a delish combo to enjoy throughout the journey and something which never bores.  You can even make use of Nutella as a dip for your banana or strawberries. Super tasty and energy boosters, yum!

Pack Your Favorite Outfits

Probably the most critical and stressful part is how should the clothes be packed. Speaking of this, the most common mistake is that most people tend to fold rather than roll their clothing items. This ends up wasting the car space which could have been used for some other valuable thing. And here’s a quick reminder. Adding unnecessary items to your car trunk will only result in higher fuel consumption. What’s worse is that your engine performance will be compromised as well.

So, here’s a solution to that! Abide by the not fold, but roll method as well as get your hands on some packing cubes and this is it! You would end up with more space at your disposal to pack up some extra stuff in case you need to.  Also, those packing cubes would help you in keeping everything organized and each type of clothing separate for you to quickly identify the ones you need.

Don’t Forget the First Aid Box

The baggage of backaches, bruises, or scratches which comes up when you hop on for a road trip is inevitable. Make sure you have the necessary medication, like painkillers, ointments, bandages and motion sickness medicines already in your packing. Now the question is how you would store it in your car. Well, make use of every possible nook of your vehicle. Pack the medicines in a plastic bag and make use of the dashboard compartment and you are good to go.

Put Your Vehicle Space to Good Use

Similarly, the space under your passenger and driver seats can also be put to good use. Suppose, you have got stuff that you won’t need all the time or would want it often, you can place it in the space under the seats. It can serve both the purposes; for any item to be tucked away or if you want easy access to any item.

Invest in Quality Car Organizers

To make your life easier, get some car organizers for the car. They are specially designed to keep your vehicle neat and tidy. This literally reduces the stress and is indeed a life savior. They come handy when you want something to set your laptop on or store your kid’s stack of toys as well as magazines. Back-seat organizers should be in your “must-haves.” This not only makes the essentials within reach but also helps a great deal in preventing spillages since it caters to storage needs, from food to drinks. Also, these organizers come with bottle holders as well. The best part is that they are available in many shapes and sizes to fit the needs.

Last, make sure your car or travel trailer has been serviced, and routine maintenance checks have been completed. Remember, a well-maintained vehicle has a better chance of staying reliable and efficient. After all, a road trip is no fun if your car breaks down by the side of a deserted road.

Are you ready? Set, pack and go!


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