The ghats of Varanasi will dip you in Spirituality

By on March 3, 2017

Varanasi is a beautiful city which has been prevailing for more than three thousand years. The city is brimming with so many engaging spots and especially ghats. The ghats of Varanasi leave no one disappointed. This spiritual capital of India will probably make your day too!

If you have never been to this city of Ghats, then it is never too late. Book your rooms in the best hotels in Varanasi and carry out a comfortable and convenient tour in this hallowed city. The city won’t just fill you with spirituality but also cater you so much information about the glorious past.

Assi Ghat

This ghat is situated at the convergence of Assi and Ganga rivers. This Ghat is the southernmost ghat of this city. Like many other ghats, Assi Ghat too witnesses a beautiful aarti ritual which is also a tourist attraction. The entire area is full of spiritual aura. Even the visitors visiting the ghat actively participate in the religious activities of the area. You can have a tranquil and beautiful time at this ghat. Especially the evenings and mornings of this spot are outstanding!

Dasashwamedha Ghat

It won’t be wrong to say that this ghat is the most crowded ghat in Varanasi. It has been believed that Lord Brahma performed the sacrifice of ten-horses at this spot. Various temples are situated on this ghat like Sulatankesvara, Varahesvara, Brahmesvara, the Ganga, AbhayaVinayaka and Bandi Devi. These shrines keep the ghat brimming with pilgrims and every temple here has its own admiration and charm.

Lalita Ghat

Lalita Ghat was constructed by a king of Nepal named Rana Bahadur Shah. He built it when he was living in Varanasi because of his exile. He always wished to construct a replica of Pashupatinath Temple and so he started the construction of the ghat. Here you can find a gorgeous Nepali Temple and a beautiful temple devoted to Lalita a personification of Goddess Adi-Shakti.

Tulsi Ghat

This ghat was once known by the name of Lolark ghat. The Tulsi Ghat got its name from Tulsidas, the popular saint-poet who has written the Ramcharitramanas. He spent a huge portion of his life at this Ghat. There is a beautiful Hanumana temple at this ghat. The entire ghat is full of sacredness and cheerfulness.

Munshi Ghat

This Ghat is home to Darbhanga Palace that is a visual treat. This Darbhanga Palace was built by royal family of Bihar and later was got stretched. The Ghat houses many Darbhanga Palace. While you are here, you can cherish the beauty of the area and the artistic ambience. It has been seen that people not just visit this ghat to steal the natural beauty but also to admire the art of these palaces.

In a nutshell, just find out a good hotel at Varanasi and lead a beautiful trip to Varanasi. These and many other ghats are waiting for you to imbibe you with spirituality and glee. You can experience the glory of past at these ghats. Moreover, every ghat has something to offer you!

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