The Greatest Artist in the World of Figurative Art: Lucian Freud

By on May 30, 2017
World of Figurative Art

Undeniably, figurative art is a landmark in the world of art. The genre of this art form includes artworks which have a direct link to real objects. Since ages artists have been creating various masterpieces and these stroke of genius have been a part of the art world ever since. The term ‘figurative painting’ has become a hot topic recently and a huge share of credit goes to abstract art. The artists try and preserve the facets and characters of the real world as a major part of their subject.

One of the most renowned names in the genre of figurative painting is Lucian Freud. He was a British painter who is recognized as one of the notable artists of 20th century. Without a single doubt, he was one of the most observant artists and his magnificent examining skills pertaining to anatomy and consciousness can be witnessed in his masterpieces. Irrefutably, he is one of the most distinguished artists in the era of late 20th century. Freud is known to paint only those who were extremely close to him. He has drawn various portraits of his family, close friends, wives and mistresses. His series of self-portraits is still considered as one of his epic creations. The best thing about this artist was that he never left the hand of figurative painting and remained consistent with his work style.

Nude portraits occupy a significant position in the works of Freud. For more than five decades he created paintings of the people who were close to him in his studio. As most of his figurative art pieces were undressed, the hues of creamy tans and browns were his typical choice of colours. Freud is known for creating erotic paintings of females and he played a significant role in breaking the history of depicting women a certain way. In the early 1980s, Freud was progressively captivated by extreme body types and created figurative painting exhibiting the same thing.

Famous Paintings Created by Lucian Freud:

Girl with a White Dog (1950-51):
This is a portrait of Kitty Garman, Freud’s first wife. This painting is an evidence of delicate shading which radiates gentleness and warmth while demanding instant attention. The robe which she is adorning has slipped off from one end and is revealing her right breast. She can be seen giving a blank stare while the dog is sitting close to her. The dog in the painting is a bull terrier and the absent looking face of the canine is beautifully captured in this fascinating figurative painting. The portrait perfectly seizes the facial flaws like hollows under the eye and the uncomfortable, yet calm, body language of Kitty.

Reflection (Self-Portrait) (1985):
The self-portraits of Freud offer a direct glimpse into his soul. Definitely, this is one of the most notable creations of the famous figurative art maker. He can be seen looking directly as if he is staring the viewer with challenging eyes. Freud’s expertise is evident in the beautiful strokes loaded on the face along with the perfect balance of contrast, light and shadow. He has ensured to incorporate the minutest of details like wrinkles and folds on the skin. Undoubtedly, he was handsome and maintained his striking features in this self-portrait.

Benefits Supervisor Sleeping (1995):
This oil painting portrays an obese, naked women sleeping on a couch. The painting is of Sue Tilley who was a Job Centre Supervisor. As Freud is known for his extreme observational skills, just like other masterpieces of his he ended up capturing each and every detail of the lady on his canvas. The perfect blend of brush strokes along with balanced shading has played a significant role in creating this work of art.

Though Freud bids adieu to the world in July, 2011 he left a legacy behind him and his artworks are considered marvels in the genre of figurative painting.

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