Guide For Selecting Your Perfect Swimming Goggle

Before we start, I would like to ask what are you looking for? A perfect swimming goggle or a swimming goggle that is perfect for you?

If it is the first that you are looking for,then you are free to stop reading this further and search that utopia goggle somewhere else. For the record, it doesn’t exist.

However, if you are looking for a swimming goggle that is perfect for you – then you are on the right page. By the time you finish reading this, you will know how to find one for yourself.

Know the varieties & their purpose

Just like everything in this world, specialisation fosters as soon as there is a development. Swimming goggles cannot be an exception to this phenomenon.

There are a wide variety of swimming goggles in the market built for serving specific purposes. Knowing the type and its uses can help you make better choices.

Practice aka Open Water Goggles

These are the most comfortable and everyday-use goggles for many people. Even the kids swimming goggles fall into this category. These are made of higher durability material and are very comfortable.

These swimming goggles can be used for a longer time and frequently. Most of them usually come with larger rubber frames that providean excellent waterproof seal and also soften pressure on your eye sockets.


Competitive goggles

As the name suggests, these are goggles made for competitive swimmers. They are equipped with a lens that offers better visibility in and above the water, even in rough weather conditions.

In terms of structure, their lenses are round and more prominent compared today-to-day practice goggles. In addition to that, these goggleshavea smaller gasket area that helps in reducing drag and increasing speed.

Because of the smaller sockets, these can be, however, uncomfortable for daily use. They are made for speed, rather than day-to-day comfort.


Once you are clear about your needs and decided on the type of goggle to purchase, you have tofocus onthreeprimary factors


  1. The Fit

While selecting the perfect goggle, you must ensure the goggle fits perfectly on your eyes. To confirmthe perfect fit, you need to checkif the seal fitsappropriately.

When you try the goggle, you should feel the suction from the seal. Excess suction can make the goggle tight, whereas less suction can let the water in. So, test the goggles properly and select the one that fits perfectly.

It’s always better to try your goggles on before you buy. So, if you are planning to purchase the swimming goggle online, make sure there is a full refund policy if they do not fit.

  1. The Comfort

Every goggle that fits on your eyes is not necessary to be a comfortable one. The swimming gogglesmight fit perfectly around your eyes, but what about the nose? It will be so irritating if it doesn’t provide comfort to your nose.

While selecting swimming goggles you should also consider nosepieces. It should not be too tight and uncomfortable.As nose pieces on the goggles are adjustable, keep trying multiple swimming goggles till you get a perfect one.

And regarding thestrap,it should not be too tight or loose; a tight strapwill create a pressure on an eye which is not good whereas the goggle will keep falling if the strap is loose. It should always be okay enough to hold the google in place.

  1. The Sight

Swimming goggles withanti-fog coating and UV protection is very common nowadays. But still, to be on a safe side, check if the goggles you are about to purchase comes with such features or not.

It’s better not to by the goggle without anti-fog coating because it will surely give a hard time while swimming.


Shades of lens

You might have seen swimming goggles with different shades of lenses. But let me tell you one thing, those shades are not for fashion purposes they are made for a specific purpose.

Clear lens: whether you swim in apool or open water,clear lensesare best suited when light levels are low. And if you love open water swimming at night, it will be the best choice for you.

Blue lenses: If you want greater visibility underwater, blue lenses work great. Compare to other color lenses; it provides better visibility underwater.

Mirrored and dark lens: Some swimmer wearsthe mirrored lens swimming goggle for a psychological advantage during their competition.But the primary goal of such lens is to reflect light away from the eyes and provide a darker view.

They are good for bright days and can be used outside for open water swimming

Colored lenses: It helps to reduce visualstress, but most of the swimmers choose colored lensas a personal preference.

These are some of the pro tips for selecting perfect swimming glasses. Next time when you decide to get a new swimming goggle, don’t buy just for fashion purposes or to show off.

Remember the tips mentioned above, and the most important thing to remember is “try before you decide,” it is essential to try the goggle and select the most comfortable one.

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