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By on July 19, 2017
JEE advanced result

Every year, lakhs of students appear for one of the toughest competitive examinations – IIT-JEE. Each student appearing for the examinations put in a lot of hardwork and effort. However, in the end, when the JEE advanced result is announced, only a few make it to their dream of studying in an IIT. This leaves the rest of the aspirants judging their skills, abilities and the amount of hardworkthey had put in every day. So, with this though in mind, let us take you through the strategies that toppers work upon to succeed.

A Positive Approach

Many students after clearing JEE Mains become apprehensive and start building up stories around “what if.”Success in any competitive exam requires a positive approach that helps one build confidence and have a positive mindset. Right from the beginning, IIT toppers maintain a positive mindset that helps them excel in the examination and achieve their dream of doing something big. So, make sure you develop a positivetemperament and never shy away from it.

A Focused Study Plan

A proper study plan is as important as having a positive mindset. From developing a clear understanding of their strengths and weaknesses to set up realistic expectations, toppers do it all. Also, most of the students who appear for IIT JEE, simultaneously have to prepare for the board examinations as well. This makes having a proper study plan one of the most important aspects to cover when aiming to see your name in the JEE advanced result list. So, make sure, you also like toppers have a proper time table for each of the subjects and a balanced study schedule to make it through the examination.

Proper Mentoring

Many students believe in self-study. Though it is a great way tostudy, pursuing aspirations in isolation is a tough nut to crack. The ability of every student differs in terms of ability, grasping and memorisation power. So, to succeed, every student needs a reality check in every step of the preparation. Coaching institutes prove to be a great help when it comes to proper mentoring and guidance. From making the students understand the techniques to help them design strategies, they do it all. The result of mentoring obtained from coaching institutes is clear and visible to everyone. How? Because each year when the JEE advances result is announced, the toppers are heard dedicating their success to some or the other coaching institute.


Staying focused on the study goals is a task for many. However, one thing that is common among all the toppers is their disciplined attitude. In the beginning, it might be difficult for you, but as time passes, you can easily develop a disciplined attitude towards the preparation. All you need is a focused mind and proper dedication towards your goal, and we are sure you will crack the upcoming examinations with flying colours. Keep yourself away from distractions like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc. for a more focused approach towards studies.

Examination Strategies

If you don’t have a strategy, you might not be able to finish up the paper in the defined time frame. Back you study schedule with a proper strategyjust like toppers, and we are sure you will certainly reach a step closer to your dream. On the exam day, run through the questions first and solve only the ones you are confident about. Remember, there is negative marking in IIT-JEE examinations, and it may damage your score if you attempt any questions you are not confident about.

Following the mantras mentioned above, we are sure you will attain a great score in the IIT-JEE examinations to get into a career that you have always dreamt of. Also, if you know any IIT-JEE topper through friends, plan a session with them to get a clear understanding of how to prepare for the examinations.

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