History of Tow Truck and Scope of Truck Driver

By on May 16, 2016
History of Tow Truck

The trademark of towing world is a tow truck. The types of a tow truck are significantly designed for the towing of varied motors. The kind of work is as dependent on the service as the experience of operator team. Higher the experience is direct proportion to the maintenance of the truck. A number of corporations are running, but successful is one who knows how to satisfy the client expectations. Moreover, this business contains the highest profit level. That’s why queens towing companies has established 24/7 Ozone Park Driveway Towing Services with great demand. The operator is considered one of the busiest calling people. “Keep calm and tow on” is a famous quote for truck drivers.

So keep calm and continue reading with us the history of tow trucks.

Chickamauga Creek

Ernest Holmes Sr. Was the inventor of this valuable motor. He invented Ford Model T in 1916. The idea which inspired him to discover was happening in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The incident was sighted in Chickamauga Creek. After the struggle of many hours, the extraction was taken place by a mentality of mankind. This was the first initiative of Ernest.


The first experience was unsuccessful. While it wasn’t ending, it was startling for great massive world. He was keen learner, via his intelligence he very soon found out all the eruptions one by one. All the warnings and harms from another, he didn’t lose hope. The continuing efforts were raised in the form of wrecker by consumption of old cars.


Ernest Holmes sold the 680 model truck. This trade was in U.S. dollars. The turnout was too good, thus he formulated 485 models. This was the opening of a business. As far as the Government contract to value his discovery. He died due heart stroke in 1945. But, by the time this was not ending but starting. His family continue the family owned business and sold it to Dover Corporation in 1973.


The only “towing” museum in the entire world is “International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum”. It was launched in 1995, 22 September. There are 22 antique collections of tow truck along with the brief memorial. It is amazing that the site was also selected by Ernest Holmes. So, it is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee at 3315 Broad Street.

Truck driver:

A person who earn via handling the tow truck.A very experienced person, who handle all the situations in traffic and accidents in hard and fast life. He took decisions at once upon hauling. The payment depends upon types of employment, he is granted with.

  • Payment per mile: Many of the companies in the United States pay their employees on the basis of mile coverage.
  • Payment by load:This is fixed rate for the driver. He will get the salary after hauling the set percent weight.
  • Paid per hour:Companies decide the hourly wages for employees. They fix the income for each service. Payscale.com published March 2014 that the salary of truck driver ranged from $11.82 to $20.22 per hour in the United States. The average hourly rate will be $15.53 an hour.

24/7 Ozone Park Driveway Towing Services offering U.S companies have varied pay scale for truck drivers. The tow truck is trademarked in towing world.


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