Holiday & Working Visa Application for Canada & Australia

By on April 6, 2017
Visa Application for Canada

Canada always remains as a hotspot destination for all students and workers which offer an ideal environment for skilled people to fly to Canada from worldwide. Each year, more than 3,00,000 foreign skilled workers come to Canada on temporary basis to work, business or study.  No wonders to the fact that the popularity of Canada working holiday visa is at an all time high.

Australia is also an incredibly popular destination for skilled professional. Australia’s economy remains always strong. Skilled worker applicants can get a permanent Australian visa under the “SkillSelect” program. Thus one should take assessment on a point based system which awards him with points for work experience, language and proficiency. Another way to obtain immigration visa is through Australian Family Migration and Humanitarian programs.

Why one chooses Canada & Australia to migrate?

These are the most ideal countries where anyone feels free to live, work or simply to visit. Some reasons behind its charm are-

  • People have excellent living standard there. Thus everyone migrates there feel comfortable to stay or visit.
  • Quality of life is very good.
  • They are advanced nation with strong economical condition.
  • Government laws & policies are very transparent, thus visitors don’t face any major problem regarding law & orders.
  • Mesmerizing locations and beautiful landscapes are there to visit. Tremendous outdoors are there, such as, hiking, mountain biking, climbing, skiing, canoeing and snowshoeing trails, etc.

Basic requirements to apply for working visa

To maintain this, the visa aspirant must do some essentials-

  • To work in Canada any foreign worker must be offered an employment contract from a Canadian employer. Thus he granted a Labour Impact Assessment by ESDC (Employment & Social Development Canada). If anyone possess work permit then he doesn’t require point system to qualify anymore.
  • He should assure the immigration officer that he will leave the country as soon as his work gets completed.
  • One should prove himself financially strong enough to support him and his family and not taking any monetary help from Canadian government during stay.
  • He should abide by all government laws. One shouldn’t have any criminal record.
  • A thorough health check-up holding a positive report should be done before leaving.
  • Before moving there one has to apply for the work permit visa.

Benefits of work permit visa

Once someone is issued with a work permit visa he is eligible to live and work in these countries for a specified period of time. The time span is generally of 4 years. His spouse and children also permitted to stay there with him & free to study & work. If he wants, he also can apply for permanent citizenship.

Basic requirements for tourist visa

Besides, working in Canada & Australia many tourists also plans every year to visit Canada. But before planning, one should know the basic requirements to apply for a tourist visa.

  • One should have a valid passport & other travel documents.
  • He should have good moral character & in sound health.
  • You have much assets, strong family influence which will help you to return back.
  • Medical examination.
  • Temporary resident visa.

One can apply for tourist visa through online or manual application submission. If the above procedures are followed you can go on to avail working holiday visa canada, with ease.

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