Horse Racing and Some Major Facts Related to It

By on December 17, 2018
Horse Racing

Horse racing has recently taken a basing in media recently. Contrary to all the discussion, horse racing is still alive and much popular in the USA. Online horse racing is a huge phenomenon and much popular in the last few years. The Internet is the much effective platform of today. It is the home to an abundance of websites that dedicated to watching and playing but also the way to develop a good winning strategy.

In the USA, there is only a channel that is dedicated really to horse racing. This channel also has a number of viewers for the shows. This is the TVG network or the Television Games Network. It is started to broadcast from the year 1999. Since the year, it became the largest TV network for horse racing that covers nationwide more than 30 million homes and they have recently started new shows dedicated to horse racing.

Some glimpses of horse racing

Racing the thoroughbreds was usually the sport of the kings and always was an extravagant show to showcase their wealth and power. This game is equally popular today, and one of the favorite sports of millions of people all around the world, but is not anymore exclusive for royals now.

Racing horses are known more as the sport of the kings, and it has been around for more than hundreds of years. Even today, the sport is widely practiced. It is also connected closely to fashion, which is also a huge industry now. The horses can lose or win in just a couple of races that makes it more thrilling and exciting. Many of the people depend on such races for their everyday living by working with the horses. They even train the horses to enter in such races. This industry is growing as breeding racing horses generating a number of income and jobs for many people.

Pegasus World Cup

Pegasus Cup is such a popular horse racing game and you can watch it online and live on TVG Horse Racing website. This is a thoroughbred horse racing that viewers love to watch. Thoroughbreds are a special kind of horse that bred mainly for horse racing. They are generally hot-blooded horses and best known for their extraordinary speed and agility. Winning the crown for Thoroughbred racing in Pegasus World Cup is probably one of the most interesting accomplishments for the horse owners in racing.

This is just a one-year-old race, and with the grand success, it has already established as one of the most popular racing sports of America. There are many people, who wait for the show to watch the horse race. With huge $16 million prize money, it became one of the most lavish races till date. It received a huge 16,000 crowd last year. This is now the richest race of horses in the world. It takes place at Gulfstream Park, Hallandale Beach of Florida. It also covers a huge 11/8 miles of area on dirt. This show is gaining popularity day by day and is one of the popular shows of America telecasted on the channel.


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