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Each country certainly has a lot of hotels scattered in every city. The hotels are of various types such as 3 – star hotels, 4 – star hotels and 5 – star hotels. These hotels have different facilities and prices, so you can choose one of the hotels that you think is the best hotel that suits your budget. is connected with many hotels in the world, so you can book a hotel room through the site easily, quickly, man funds. In addition, you can also see reviews of some hotels before you finally order them. One of the best hotels offered by is the Royal Le Monceau Hotel Raffles Paris located at 37 Avenue Hoche, Paris, Franc is an everyone’s favorite hotel. This is evidenced by the 1240 reviews about this hotel. You can stay there with prices starting at 861 USD per night.

Comparisons Between 3 – Star Hotel, 4 – Star Hotel and 5 – Star Hotel

  • A 3 – star hotel usually has a meeting room

One of the qualifications of a 3 – star hotel is a hotel that has rooms, a restaurant, and a meeting room. In every hotel that has meeting room facilities such as hotels offered by are usually used by business people to hold meetings with their clients. Meeting room in 3 – star hotel has a different area, ranging from the room that can accommodate 100 people up to 500 people.

  • A 4 – star hotel usually has a suite room

For 4 – star hotels usually have suite room. Suite room is a room consisting of several rooms such as dining room, family room, and room. In addition to having a suite room, usually 4 – star hotel also has a restaurant. With the restaurant, visitors can buy food and drinks easily and do not need to leave the hotel. In addition, they can have breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the restaurant.

  • A 5 – star hotels have more facilities when compared to 3 and 4 – star hotels

Qualifications included in 5 – star hotels are hotels that have special facilities such as fitness center or gym, spa, restaurant, and also a coffee shop. The well-equipped fitness center also has complete sports equipment so that visitors can easily exercise without needing to leave the hotel.


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