How Can Mobile Apps Digitize Your Business?

In this digital era, the existing or potential customer for any business is one who believes in ‘living on the go’. Smartphone penetration has increased exponentially since the last decade because people are doing most of their daily activities through mobile applications. Whether it’s reading the morning news, maintaining health goals, communication or even working, everything under the sun can be done through a mobile app today.

While this obsession of the customer is not ending anytime soon, it has significantly increased the value of investing in mobile app development for businesses, both small and big. Nowadays, companies are using their mobile apps to deliver better customer experience, increase sales, promote their brand, and gain a competitive edge over rivals.

The popularity of mobile app does not come as a surprise since the number of app downloads worldwide is expected to increase by almost 258 billion by 2022.

Reasons to Use Mobile Apps for your Business

Now that we have understood the essential need for mobile apps. Let’s dive deep into how mobile apps can bring about a digital transformation for your business.

Unhindered Visibility to Customers

According to a recent report, mobile app users spend almost 2.3 hours of their time on mobile applications ranging across domains, such as instant messaging, browsing, social media, gaming, entertainment among others. Another interesting statistic is that 32% of people check their apps from 1 to 10 times a day.

Therefore you can imagine the scale at which people use mobile apps these days. If you have developed a mobile app for your business, then you are visible to a large chunk of your audience around the globe, constantly. You can establish your presence for customers who can find your app by doing a simple search of keywords.

Increased Branding and Recognition

The icon of your mobile app will act as an advertising billboard for customers. It will establish your brand’s presence as well as increase brand recall in their minds. A good business reputation can potentially increase the number of downloads of your app, while similarly, a good app will help more customers in engaging with your business.

So, if you’re considering mobile app development for your business, then make sure you build an intuitive app packed with features, to connect with customers easily.

Greater Convenience for Customers

While increasing user engagement, mobile apps also make the customer’s life much more convenient. Apps become an all-in-one stop for queries, complaints, and feedback. 

Brands can send push notifications to customers to customers for higher engagement. It also enables them to gather valuable customer data to understand user preferences and behaviour.

Personalized Communication

Along with convenience, mobile apps also allow customers unfettered access to your team for any queries they might have.

Most apps have a chat feature these days, enabling brands to send answer queries in real-time or round-the-clock through SMS, and emails.

This method of communication with customers instills a level of personalization into it. Personalized responses play an important role in making customers feel that the brand is loyal to them.  

The data gathered in real-time about customer behavior can provide insightful results that may help to improve the user experience for customers. Customers usually prefer brands that use personalized communication as it helps them to understand the personality of the brand and establish a long-term connection with it. Moreover, brands can send customized emails, texts or correspondence about special offers or discounts, and on special occasions such as birthdays, and anniversaries.

Leveraging Emerging Technologies with Mobile Apps

While the world is brimming with new and emerging technologies, it would be foolish if brands let go of this chance to jump on the bandwagon themselves. Some of those tech trends are-

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence helps in making machines behave like humans. The technology basically gathers data from human usage, analyzes it and creates responses that match with the mind of humans.

In mobile apps, AI can be used in various ways, like speech recognition, biometrics, chatbots, machine learning, and natural language generation and processing.

With AI, businesses can build smart apps to understand user behavior, and provide an experience that is relevant to them.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things is a technological phenomenon that connects appliances, devices, and machines to the internet, and those devices are then controlled by mobile or app.

IoT allows you to build smart homes, workplaces, and factories. Since you can connect almost any device with the internet, you can control it all with a single tap on your smartphone. IT saves time, manual labor and boosts efficiency, thanks to its ease of use and convenience.


Almost every person owns a smartphone these days, and most of their tasks are completed with the help of mobile apps like shopping, chatting, and reading.

Mobile apps assist in bringing about a digital transformation for your business. In this highly digitized world, adopting digital technologies is the best way to create a standing in the market. 

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