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In the age of social media, getting kids outdoors and involving them in a sports activity is a challenge faced by every modern parent. They constantly struggle to find ways to motivate their kids into becoming physically active. As a parent, I faced the same challenge and therefore, decided to take the matter in my own hands.

When I pondered over the kind of activity that would not only solve my purpose of making my kid physically active but also be fun for my boy, a match of football is what cropped into my head. Of course, you can choose any other sport for your kid.

Once that was sorted, I started looking out for ways I can actualise this dream. One way forward was to sign my kid up for his school’s football team, but I knew instinctively that would backfire. So, I chose the second route and called other mothers in the vicinity to share my idea. It worked. Almost every mother was excited to sign their kid up for this new football team I was forming. And voila! I had hit the jackpot. I had created a whole new football team. But that meant another challenge awaited us on the next step.

How to motivate the kids into joining a sports team?

The strategy I adopted was neither new nor extraordinary. It was simple and it worked.

So, instead of breaking the news to my kid right away, I waited for the right time. And in the meanwhile, I met the other mothers to create personalised football kits. It was a task I and all the mothers enjoyed to the core. Our go-to manufacturer was Zapkam, for it offered a free online 3D Kit Designer, which was absolutely easy to use for designing our bespoke football kits.


Then, how the things turned out is exactly what is the crux of this blog.

The package arrived on the scheduled day. I and other mothers ensured it arrived at a time our kids would be home. So, when the doorbell rang, I asked my kid to attend the visitor knowing it was the delivery boy for I had already received a call from him a while ago. My kid was surprised to see his name on the package. Excitedly he opened it and was surprised to see, among other things, a shirt in his favorite footballer’s name, with his initials.

That was when I broke the news to him.

He gave me that look of a typical Generation Alpha boy whose gadget has been confiscated. But the next moment, he donned that custom-made football shirt, looked at himself in the mirror and asked me when the match would begin. Naturally I smiled, and we headed out, surprised to find the other boys on the field.

What happened next?

Coach blew the whistle and it was a goal!

Still wondering how to motivate your kid into joining a sports team?

Well, all you need is a good bait. And a personalised sports kit is a perfect one.

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