How Do Braces Work?

By on April 9, 2019
Braces Work

Do you know any pre-teen child who does not sport dental braces? A lot of children nowadays have dental problems that need medical intervention to correct. Dental braces are one of these interventions that children need to experience to ensure that they have beautiful smiles when they grow up. But did you ever think about how braces work and how they can straighten teeth? Here is an overview of how these medical inventions work.

How braces work 

The following orthodontic supplies make up braces. What they do is they apply pressure over a certain amount of time to move teeth in specific directions to align them gradually. The teeth are not the only ones that move; the bones surrounding the mouth also adjust to accommodate the new formation of teeth.

  • Brackets are those tiny squares that adhere directly onto the surface of the teeth. Orthodontists use a particular type of glue to bond the brackets to the teeth, or they use bands. These brackets are what hold the wires that adjust the teeth to their designated places. You can choose from tooth-colored plastic or ceramic or stainless steel brackets. There are times when patients do not want their braces to show, so orthodontists bond the brackets at the back of the teeth.
  • Bands can be stainless steel, tooth-colored or clear. Dental bonding glue cements them to the teeth. The clear and tooth-colored variety is the most popular type because they blend in with the teeth and do not look too obvious.
  • Spacers fit between teeth. Orthodontists place them before putting on the bands to create a space for the bands.
  • Arch wires guide the teeth as to where they should move.
  • Ties bind the wires to the brackets.
  • The buccal tube, placed on the band on the last tooth, secures the arch wire.

How long do you need to wear braces? 

The period for which a person needs to wear braces will depend on several factors: how severe the dental issue is, the distance the teeth need to adjust to, the health of the jaw, bone, and gums and how religiously the patient obeys the doctor’s instructions on how to care for the braces and teeth. Generally, a period of one to three years is the period of wearing braces until the teeth fully align.

How often do you need to go to the clinic? 

Your orthodontist will require you to visit at least once a month. They will check if the braces are putting steady pressure on the teeth, and the teeth are adjusting correctly. The doctor will also tighten the braces once in a while to continue the movement of the teeth.

If you or your child have crooked or overcrowded teeth or you have either an under bite or an overbite, chances are your orthodontist will recommend you get braces to correct any of these dental issues. It may cost you a significant amount of money, but the results of all the pain you have to go through will be worth it when you see your new smile.



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