How Smartly Should You Choose Clothing, Accessories for Your Abroad Trips

By on February 13, 2019
Accessories for Your Abroad Trips

There is no second thought that traveling can uplift your mood and refresh your mind. You can go on a trip for several reasons, and you should pack your bag accordingly. In case, you are going for a business trip or an official trip, consider packing light with basic clothes and accessories. Similarly, if you are going on an extended vacation with your friends or family, then you should mix and match your clothes and accessories. It is always advisable to pack light and smart when you are traveling for several days. On the other hand, your clothes and accessories also depend on the destination you are going to. If you are going to a beach, then you should backlight, runny clothes, whereas if you are going to a cold place, then you should go for different layers of clothes that can be experimented with.

Whenever on earth you are planning to fly, make sure you pack like a pro and select the right bags to carry. We often ignore the importance of carrying the right bags because we get too busy in other charades. Here are some tips on how you can smartly choose the right clothes and accessories for your foreign trips-

Pack Clothes in Three Coordinating Colours

Start by selecting the clothing pieces in three matching colours so that you can mix and match each piece and create multiple outfits for different days and occasions. You should pick the colour based on the destination you are travelling to.

If you’re headed to an urban destination, then try any combination of black, white, navy and charcoal shades. For outdoors excursion or a beach vacation, try wearing khaki, off-white and bright hues like orange or yellow. Whereas, if you are visiting a place with warm weather, then carry white linen as it’s cool in warm weather, and can be donned during the day and nights as well. All the more, these garments are a must have on any vacation you go- a pair of jeans, a striped button down, a pair of nice pants, a blazer and a comfortable T-shirt.

Minimize the Shoes

It’s unnecessary to carry more than three pairs of shoes on any trip. A pair of stylish sneakers, a comfortable daytime shoe to walk around, low boots or sandals for the evenings, heeled sandals for any dressy events- that’s all!

On the other hand, men can usually get by with two pairs of shoes- sneakers and loafers. These shoes can be worn both during the day and at night.

Pro tip- Select a lightweight pair of sneakers that can be folded and take up less space in your bag.

It’s not necessary to choose your shoes strictly based on traditional gender roles. Opt for a few pairs that serve multiple purposes, rather than carrying a pair for every occasion or every evening.

Fly in Exercise Gear

Athleisure clothes are becoming more and more fashionable with every passing day. Thanks to our young celebs for promoting this comfortable fashion for flights- especially long-haul journeys. These clothes are extremely comfortable to wear and can be folded neatly to fit into virtually any bag.

For women, compression leggings with a cotton top and coat look perfect while men can wear a pair of track pants, a cotton tee, and a full-zip hoodie.

Accessorize the Right Way

The right accessory can change the look of an entire outfit. Women should always pack some costume jewellery, like a statement cocktail ring and a pair of oversized earrings. Carry your makeup in a sleek pouch that doubles as an evening bag. Men, on the other hand, can experiment with their socks if they want to add a little personality to their otherwise simple, coordinating outfits.

Bring One Dressy, Flexible Outfit

If you have a formal event planned during your trip, don’t carry big dresses and heavy full suits and jackets. They might take up a lot of space. Instead, go with simple and sober pieces that fit you well and compliment you.

Now, you know all the tips and tricks to pack light. So, the next time you plan a vacation; don’t worry about your packing chores. We just made it simple for you! Also, cover your trip with a travel insurance plan as it covers you against lost passport, checked-in baggage, and much more. You can buy a travel insurance plan online as well.


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