How to activate UAN

By on April 29, 2018
How to activate UAN

UAN or the Universal Account Number is a very important document to have for every employee. It if one of the most important aspects to get a hold of your provident fund as well. Having the Universal Account Number means that you can do a lot of things without taking the help of others! Especially when Provident Fund is so important to acquire, it is also very important. But, if you have received the UAN it is also important to know the Universal Account Number and to uan activation then it is important to activate it through the UAN portal and take the advantages of it. All that you need to do is simply to activate it online itself.

How to Know the Universal Account Number?

In order to know the Universal Account Number, you need to follow a few steps. Remember that it is very important to acquire the IAN inform the employers. It has now become a mandatory document for everyone to have. So simply contact your employer to know the UAN status. However, if you do not get it directly, you can also ask for the pay slip. The number in your Pay slip will help you more to know about generate uan number in different ways.  Follow these steps in order to know more about the uan and to get the benefits.

How to Generate the UAN

Generating the UAN is only one of the best options that you can get. That you should simply to follow the few stages keeping in mind the end goal to get the registration done. The initial step to do is to go to the official EPFO official site and then continue with the Know uan registration. Once you get here, you can find the subtle elements and you can get the best outcomes. The subsequent stage that you have to do is to follow the means and to find out with the best outcomes. You can now enter the personal points of interest including the portable registration subtle elements and follow the necessities. All things considered, you have to enter the versatile number verification code to go to the following stage to get a hold of the OTP. Once you enter the OTP, you can without much of a stretch find the best needs. So as to create the UAN that you should simply to enter the subtle elements of the Documents! You can enter a portion of the outcomes with Passport, Aadhar Card and other licenses. 

How to Activate UAN

Activating the UAN is additionally simple thing to request. That you should simply to go to the official page and then follow it up with the Activate UAN option. You can now get up to the subsequent stage where you have to choose the PAN Aadhar Card or the uan balance check. You can now choose the previously mentioned options and then enter the versatile number. Once the number gets verified, you can follow it with activation process.


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